Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Fall

Hello Friends,

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and mostly a state of mind where I live. The weather is taking a turn to less humidity, cooler sea breezes and crystal clear blue sky indicating it is Fall in So. Florida.  Location doesn't keep me from fully enjoying seasonal decorating but I will admit a bit of longing for fall leaves and access to nature's bountiful foliage and natural objects to use in decorating.  Jeez, I have to go out and actually purchase these FAUX items some of y'all get for free <pouty face> and another thing, fireplace mantles, is it me or does it seem like everybody has a mantle to decorate?   I know there are people just like me that don't have a mantle and that just makes us get a bit creative with our decorating.  If you don't have a mantle, what/where do you decorate for the seasons?

My mantle is a Baker's rack in the kitchen.  I use it to corral uh, display my seasonal decorations.

Last year's pumpkin collection has been completed and this year I've added a chalkboard, compote, carrot pitcher, two ceramic pears and cutting board.  All are finds from the thrift store with the exception of the chalkboard.  My very FIRST chalkboard was inspired by this chalkboard found on Pinterest.  I'm totally hooked on the chalkboard pens.

This BOO sign was found at Target in Michigan and after trick or treat I can add the pumpkin to the patch.
 This compote is missing the lid but isn't perfect for holding flowers or fruit?

Here it is close up.  Lovely isn't it?

 The carrot pitcher will do double duty in Spring but because it is orange it works with the fall theme.
Look at these pears! Just ripe for the picking don't you think?
Here's another thrift find, the chopping board tied with baker twine, faux pears in a bowl that belonged to my Dad's aunt works well with the other natural elements.

By now you might have guessed I'm a huge Pinterest fan, it is my GO TO for decorating ideas for Fall and Christmas, and this time of the year is a bonanza of ideas.  I love the home tours and all the ideas that come from peeking inside other peoples homes to see how they decorate seasonally.  My inspiration comes from many places including Pinterest, the craft stores, store window dressings and magazines and HGTV shows to name a few. Where do your decorating ideas come from?

I'll have more fall decor to share with you this week so be sure to come back again soon!

Happy Fall Y'all,
Be Creative


Anne Payne said...

Your baker's rack always looks beautiful! I adore your autumn decor. Most of my ideas come from you or my daughter because you found something on Pinterest that you think I am crafty enough to make. ;)

Susie Murray said...

Thank you Anne for your sweet comment. I'm sure you will find great Fall ideas on Pinterest and you ARE crafty enough to create something for your Fall mantle! Have fun!