Thursday, October 29, 2015


Last year I "officially" dubbed October 1st as "Candy Corn Day". The little grands Sunshine and Lollipop were happy to play along with Mimi and celebrate the day with a handful of candy corn and a kiddie craft. We had a delightful afternoon painting triangular shaped "candy corn" in white, orange and yellow, then stringing them together with yarn to make a fun candy corn banner.  

This year I was in Michigan with Calvin Houdini (aka Jackson) and Little Miss (aka Isla) for Candy Corn Day.  Before I left home I traced large triangles on a office folder and stuck it in my baggage (don't you just wonder what security thinks about these kinda items in our baggage?) ready to pull out and have "craft" day entertainment.  I'd purchased paints and brushes so we were all set to go.....preparation is KEY with a 2.5 yr. old.  Jackson was excited to "paint" with Mimi, listening as the concept of candy corn painting was explained, he followed directions well!  In fact Jackson was a very neat/tidy painter and as he waited patiently while the paint dried between layers..... we had lunch and nap time. 

We also painted a little pumpkin and hung them in the window.  

Jackson and I had a great time painting and maybe in another year or two, Isla will be able to join us for Candy Corn Day!  

Although I missed the 2nd annual Candy Corn Day with Sunshine and Lollipops I did find Candy Corn socks for them.....and they were very happy! 

Hope you are enjoying the season of Candy Corn and finding creative crafts to do!  Please stop by again soon to see Fall craft projects I've been working on...

Bee Creative!


Julierose said...

Oh how wonderful--they are sooo cute--and you have to love and cherish those little art works...hugs, Julierose

Susie Murray said...

Hi Julierose~ thanks for stopping by. Don't you just love arts and crafts the "littles" do? They are so much fun to work with at this age.

Carla said...

I hope when or if I become a granny I can remember all these fun crafty things to do with little ones. Looks like you fun and so did they