Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting My Martha On

Hello Everyone!

The last few months have been busy ones around here, my apologies for dropping off the blogging world again.  First of all my computer battery died suddenly and I had to reorder and if that wasn't enough, the online company sent a battery that was defective.  But that's not the worst of it, I started receiving pornographic emails and to make matters worse, I'm still fighting a battle to get a refund. I tell you this because I have been without my laptop for two months and trying to do everything from my phone. Hence No Blogging.  That's just the beginning of my time away from blogland....

IF you have planned a baby or bridal shower then you will understand why I haven't had time to write. I didn't know that it would be SO time consuming!!  It started with the hours spent on Pinterest perusing the latest baby shower decorating ideas and the cutest craft projects....well you know how THAT goes.  I pinned every idea that might have a possibility of happening and eventually narrowed down the ideas to a few I thought I might be able to accomplish.

  Meanwhile , getting my "Martha" on, I haunted Hobby Lobby for just the perfect paper to construct the invitations from and looked everywhere for the perfect little embellishments, then spent hours cutting and constructing each little "onsie".  It was fun for the first dozen or so and then it became a daily project for the rest of the week to complete in time to get them addressed and mailed out. And that was only after finding direction to the obscure clubhouse location near our home town to include with the invite.

 Did I mention  that I had opted to have the baby shower in Jacksonville, or rather south of there in St. John's County?  Did I say that the clubhouse was out in the middle of no-where?  Anyhoo, yes, it all went well but there were moments when I actually had panick attacks, like when the bakery couldn't find my special cake order and the guy at the deli couldn't find the platters I ordered and the flowers ordered were in dormant bud stage on the morning of the shower! Ohh geez! Then I forgot the ice....OH yeah.  Did I mention I was making decorations and cake pops and trying to get everything 250 miles away from my home without melting and being crushed?

It all turned out nice and the shower was lovely.  Thank goodness for my sister that she took photos for me and after they have been edited, I'll post them for you.

Until then, take care!