MAY 3, 2013

A Starting Point: I've been away from my journal for some time and I'm out of practice.  After some doodling around and several coats of gesso this is what I came up with.  
A Starting Point

The Creative Zone:  On Saturday morning I was pretty happy to have time in the studio. While others are outside mowing the grass I'm happily creating in my world of paint, ink and paper.  I glued several papers from a previous project randomly on the page and used a magazine to cut the colored letters In The Creative Zone.
The Creative Zone

My Color Recipe: I'm at my happiest when I get to use lots of color! Here is my Color Recipe page. I started with the color strips on the side and added the other paper elements to support these colors. Black and white help break up the color and give added interest.

My Color Recipe

What's On Your Table?  This page started out as a doodle and ended up being about what was on and around my work table.  I opted out of color except for the strip of paper on the side.
What's on Your Table?

Life's Good:  As I drove through the neighborhood on the way to work I noticed what a beautiful day it was.  On the way home from work I noticed the flowering purple tree and orchids cascading down another tree and how beautiful the day really was in the neighborhood. I thought if I had a bicycle, it would be a lovely day to ride it around the neighborhood.
Life's Good

Making Art With Bree:  One of my favorite things in life is making art with my little grand-daughter.  We spent time together the other day.  She is 3.5 yrs old and loves to draw. I was teaching her how to draw houses this particular day.
Making Art With Bree
We had quite the discussion about adding colors and making our drawings more "interesting" by using lots of variety of color in our houses and grass.  She was delighted when I added the "lollipop" trees.

That's it for this week! I hope you will see that ordinary life is pretty wonderful!
Happy Week!

September 24, 2012
This page in my journal is a combination of my love for beads, flowers and the color orange. If you read in the text box you'll see that there was a time I didn't like the color orange. I grew up in the original era of orange, the sixties and I also grew out of that color in the seventies and somewhere along the line I really disliked it. Finally, I've gotten over that and now I'm back in love with orange! 
Be Inspired by color
I broke out into a sweat as the paint brush hovered over the antique drop-leaf table but I took the plunge anyway and painted it aqua! This journal page records the inspired moment of Aqua Love. LOL! 
A cuppa coffee collage page. I love a good cuppa coffee, how about you?  Keep inspired my friends! Have fun and go make art! 

September 18, 2012

I like to use color in my journals, lots of color! Experimenting with color is something I do on my journal pages. Here is an example where I was playing with oil pastels and watercolor, ink and stamps.  At the beginning of each month I paste in a calendar, no rhyme or reason for it, just that I like it.  Oh, I just recently went back to this page and used my hot mini flat iron on it to really keep the colors from rubbing off and to brighten the colors. 

My journal has all kinds of things in it, like random doodling and practice pages.  This is a doodle page where I was trying out some ideas which eventually will be incorporated into the art pages. Doodling is fun! 

Another page of playing with spray, creating interesting background for text and of course more doodling. This might not be what you think of as ART but to me, art is just being creative and having fun. Art can be anything you want it to be!  Go have fun and Be Creative! 

Bee Creative! 

September 11, 2012
Art from tape
Art can be anything. I like to use bits and pieces I've picked up along the way! Here I am using masking tape, painter's tape and some tapes I found at the Michael's Crafts in the dollar bin. 

Experimenting with ink vs acrylics in a spray bottle. My formula is 1/1 ratio on the ink; the acrylic didn't give the look I was after. 

Rocking some color and a new 1" punch this day!  There was a time when I didn't like the color orange much, burnt out from the 60's look, but I have since discovered that I love orange with pink! 
I hope you will be inspired to start an art journal! 

September 4, 2012 

So happy you have dropped by for a peek into my colorful world of journal art.  This is where I experiment with paints, ink, crayons, stamps, paper scraps and just about anything that I can secure onto a page. It is a recording of ideas, practice techniques and a random collection of my favorite things: colors, paint, collage, Smash and Doodling. I'll be adding more pages each week, look for them on JOURNAL TUESDAY. Please sure to check back often to see what's new!   

Art supplies I carry: brushes, spray bottle, palette, toothbrush, pencil and sharpener, eraser, sketch book or watercolor paper or small travel journal. What do you carry with you? Tell me about your favorite art supplies or tools! 

Recently I've become interested in Calligraphy and Lettering. More into lettering and doodles because Calligraphy is HARD and it takes a lot of PRACTICE.  Here's my idea of  lettering and having fun! 

Here's a Nib Chart for Calligraphy Lettering. 
Calligraphy Nib Information
From time to time I get a new stamp or punch and I like to try my new toys  uh, tools out! 
Circle and Snowflake Punch
A few ideas about recycling Christmas cards and an experiment with oil pastels on bubble wrap make me think of the song, Sunshine on My Shoulders by John Denver. Happy thoughts! 

New Cutter Bee Scissors and Punch Ideas 
Oh yeah, I love me some Cutter Bee Scissors too! 

Hope you have enjoyed the journal selections and will come back often to visit.  Oh, and please leave some comment love! I'd love to hear from you! 


Jenny Frith said...

thanks for stopping by on my blog, Suzy! looking forward to seeing your journal pages :)

Suzy said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned, I will be posting to this journal soon.

Serendipity. said...

Hi Suzy! Love your blog. The Guest room is wonderful and the VALENTINES are AMAZING! I'm your newest follower! xo, Kimberly

Suzy said...

Kimberly, thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the guest room makeover and the valentines! I hope to post more soon, so keep stopping by!