Thursday, February 19, 2015

Block Out The Cold

Hello Everyone,

It goes without saying that it has been a colder winter this year for everyone, even here in South Florida we've experienced our share of cooler than normal weather.  Burr, the cooler weather makes me want to nap, eat and repeat...but there's plenty to do in the studio and then there is also knitting. 

 I LOVE to knit and I love to look at patterns for knitting on Ravelry and I've signed up for two knitting classes on Craftsy this year.  

My best friend, Bonnie and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that she was starting a knitting group at her church.  Lots of people like to knit  smaller items like hats or baby blankets or shawls, but few like to knit large blankets. One thing is for sure, if you knit or crochet there is always LEFT OVER YARN from a project. 

 Bonnie came up with an idea to put that Left Over Yarn to good use and to get more people involved in making blankets.  Here's how: Knit or crochet one or two blocks, any size, any pattern from left over yarn and when enough blocks have been collected, we turn those into blankets for those in need.  A GREAT useful way to use up extra yarn, right? A great way to practice a new pattern and perfect your stitch gauge too! And a wonderful way to provide comfort and show Christ's love to others in a practical way.  

We got so excited talking about this that we came up with a name for the project: Block Out The Cold.  We think it would be a perfect project for churches and knitting/crocheting groups to participate in. What do you think? We have some great ideas but we need to spread the church circles, in knitting groups, to crocheters and to quilters!  Everyone can jump in and help, and as the old saying goes: Many Hands make light work.  Would YOU be willing to spread the word to others about this Block Out The Cold project??  If so, please drop me a note in the comments or email.  

The Mission group returned from Guatemala and let me know that the hats were a BIG hit with the children!  

We are so pleased that the little bit we did brought such joy to the hearts of these children. 

Bonnie and I do hope that you will choose to join with us in helping to BLOCK OUT THE COLD by making a block or a hat to donate to the cause and by spreading the word to your friends.

Stay warm and Knit On!


Anne Payne said...

I am so excited for this project. What a blessing these blankets will be to someone in need. I'm more than happy to help share the word. Why don't you make a blog button for us to share in our blog sidebar?


Susie Murray said...

Thank you Anne! We are in the process of creating a blog page and website for this endeavor. A blog button is available now and thank you for spreading the word. Our hope is to "cover" the globe one block at a time! xoxox Suzy

Anne Payne said...

Do you have HTML for the button, or do we just save the image and then link it directly to this post?