Hello! Welcome to my newest adventure in Index Card Challenges(ICAD).  This is my personal challenge to myself to create an index card each day during the month of March 2016.  I participated in a 60 day ICAD challenge with Daisy Yellow a few years ago and found it very inspirational and rewarding to create a small piece each day.  I'll be posting my index cards each week and hoping you will join me in the fun.  Please let me know if you are inspired to do your own challenge, I'd love to hear from you.


When Dick Blick Art Supply Catalog arrives it is hours of fun and creative dreaming looking at the sales catalog, thinking about what paints to order, brushes and if I really need ANY more supplies. LOL!  I'm blessed with an abundance of art supplies and so it's mostly day dreaming I do when the catalog comes and wish list making <wink>.

Yes, it's another hobby of mine. My mother taught me to crochet, but it was my Dad that taught me how to crochet loosely.  There's just one problem there's an abundance of Yarn in my house. Well maybe that's not such a problem since  I also knit for family and friends and charity. One must have Yarn to do that. No problem, no problem at all.


 The mango trees are blooming all around the neighborhood!  There's an abundance of pollen in the air from mangos, pine and oak trees.  AHHH Chooooooo.   It's allergy season in So. FL.

DAY 24  T. G. I. T.

This pretty much speaks for itself.  It was a VERY busy week at work and my brain was tired, too tired to create anything more than this card.  Thankfully my Thursdays are actually my Fridays and the beginning of the Easter weekend.


Good Friday!  Started out with a bang and a celebration of Calvin Houdini's(whose real name is Jackson) 3rd Birthday! Yeah!!! We SKYPE'd with our precious baby boy while he enjoyed his birthday at a lodge/resort that is just for kids! How fun is that?  Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up things for Easter dinner, over to craft Easter Egg & Cross wreaths with Sunshine & Lollipops and then on to church for Good Friday services.  It was a busy day.


It was nice not to have to be anywhere special today.  I text with my BFF and we talked about art and our trip journals.  I was inspired to go into the studio and work on my journal by adding in some textures with stamps and ink and there may or may not have been some paint splashing in there as well!

I love Easter! Walking into the church and praising God that His Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ is alive and has risen!  There is nothing like knowing that because He died on the cross for my sins  I am forgiven and have Eternal life to look forward to when I die.  There is something very comforting in knowing that.  I pray that you also will know the Peace of The Lord. 


DAY 14  The Final Rose
If you watch The Bachelor on Monday nights you will get this.  It is the final rose ceremony where the bachelor proposes and presents the final rose to the girl he plans to marry.  Yes, I'm a romantic at heart and have watched every season of both the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  I love a happy ending/beginning,

DAY 25 Preparing Travel Boxes

I'm prepping for my next adventure by making a "travel box".  The paper mache boxes are perfect for storing trip memorabilia and look so cute when they are decorated with collage images on the outside and maps on the inside.  I'll be sharing this with you in a post soon. 

DAY 16- Making a List

Making lists is one of the stages of planning and prepping for a trip.  I make lots of lists before taking a trip, don't you?  If I don't write it down there's a chance it will be left behind. When packing it is helpful to keep the over-packing in check (I've been know to pack a FEW things un-necessarily).

DAY 17 St. Paddy's Day

  A day my family loves to celebrate with the wearing o' the green, a few leprechaun tricks, a nice corned beef, cabbage and potato dinner and singin' the Irish tune O Danny Boy.

DAY 18 Spring Is Here

 Ahh, a perfect day today with Spring temperatures and balmy breezes and vivid blue skies. My heart is ready for the Spring days and warming temps in the pool.  Ready to work on my tan.

DAY 19 I Had Plans
 Oh today was one of those rainy, dreary days where naps and books come into play and I don't really mind at all as I can escape into my latest book and not feel guilty in the least. Don't you love a nice rainy day?

DAY 20 Hosanna In the Highest 

Today is Palm Sunday and our church has celebrated the beginning of Holy Week with the early service in the park with breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt afterwards.  It's always a big event, this year we were going to be on the Indian River at the Tuckahoe Mansion. We anticipated great crowds, even ordered sunglasses for everyone since we'd be facing into the sun! As it turned out, it was pouring rain and the event at the park was cancelled. That did not dampen (pardon the pun) our spirits as we celebrated in our church the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem. Yes, we wore our SON glasses!


DAY 8 Toy Box

A gray metal box holds my favorite toys on my worktable.  My favorite toys are jars of paint brushes, a bright pink spray bottle filled with water (although here it is painted orange), red scissors and more spray bottles and brushes.

DAY 9 Brighter Day
Today a friend stopped in to my office and brought a vase of flowers to me!  Lovely golden sunflower and red baby sweetheart roses and purple mums in a lovely lime green vase.  A touch of Spring in a vase and a nice bright spot in the morning.

DAY 10 Practicing Drawing Fruit

Today I practiced drawing fruit for a project I'm working on.  I'll share that with you soon. So I thought why not make an Index card out of this?

DAY 11 Veggie Practice

Yep, today is Veggie practice.  I love the shapes of veggies and the colors are fun to work with too!
Here's my eggplant and a carrot.

DAY 12 Adventures are coming!

There's an adventure coming and I'm preparing my travel journal and adventure box. I'll be sharing more on this as the time draws nearer.  But for now a trip to Walmart produced a nice new Mixed Media paper spiral notebook and new Sharpies.

DAY  13 Color Play

New Sharpies and some fun playing with them on an index card.  Not every card need be a work of art! But I do love playing with the colored pens and making the dots and dashes.

DAY 1  Calculating Risks.
 This card is my tribute to the revamping of my studio and the fact that I really DISLIKE math but find myself most days using math in my professional life as well as my private life.  Thank goodness for calculators!!!  Since I began revamping the studio the calculator has been by my side to help me space plan, design the work areas, shelving and finally in making the window shades in the room.

DAY 2  Joy Fading.

Not my best day this week feeling a bit overwhelmed and my joy beginning to fade.  As I sat at my worktable Mannequin Guy's poise struck me as perfect way to express how I was feeling, bound and joy fading. Tomorrow must be a better day, right?

DAY 3  Shaggy Chic.
 I was feeling like a shaggy dog today, definitely time for a haircut!  When my hair gets to a certain point, it needs to be cut and cut NOW!  My trusty beautician can be counted on to cut and style my hair in such a way I feel younger and much more chic than shaggy.

DAY 4  Joyful.
Feeling my Joy return today.  It my day off and I'm talking to my daughter and the Littles are there making me laugh.  Also it is nice to have a day off and time to play in my studio.

Day 5  Final Push.
 Today was the "final push" to get the roman shades sewn and ready to hang.  I've began "re-freshing" BreesMimiDesignStudio in January.  There was plenty to do to get the room cleaned up, sorted out and begin the task of painting, etc. The last project was sewing a set of 3 roman shades for the windows. FINALLY DONE.  Hurrah for me!

Day 6  The Green Jar

The green jar is on my worktable waiting to be filled with something....at this time it remains empty.  I couldn't resist it when I saw the color, a limey yellow green.  I just knew it was going home with me that day.  It makes me smile.

Day 7 Old School Spools

Collection of wooden spools in a blue jar sits on the worktable where I sew.  These remind me of sitting on the floor playing in my mother's thread box while she sewed on the machine.  She also had a Tupperware glass filled with colorful buttons that I could sort.

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