During the month of November 2012 I am participating in an Art Every Day Challenge. 

November 13, 2012
Day 7- Mangos
Day 7- Mangos. I was inspired during a drawing session with my 3 yr. old granddaughter last week to explore the mango tree theme. 

Day 8- Be Yourself
 Day 8- Be Yourself. This page was inspired by a conversation with my Pastor about Authenticity. 
Day 9 Unfinished 
 Day 9-Unfinished Doodle. This is one of the pages I am talking about. I traced a stencil and didn't get much further with the idea.
Day 10-Zentangle Stencil
 Day 10-Zentangle Stencil. Variation on the previous page. Not sure if this is finished or not. 
Day 11-Sing Out Loud
Day 11- Sing Out Loud. I love to sing! I sing in my head mostly, but sometimes I sing out loud. This particular day was a Sing Out Loud day! 

Day 12- Circles
Day 12- Circles. I've been saving this cut out from BH& G magazine for awhile and it just seemed to go on this page. I love the colors the design, everything about it! I did add some white dots to give it a little more oomph and left a nice space to journal. 

Ok, so there you have it for the week. I'm pleased with some of the pages and some need work but I hope that by posting them here you will be encouraged to know that even when something doesn't turn out as expected not to give up! A little tweak here and there and pretty soon it is a great page! 
Have a great week and remember to Go Make Art!
Be Creative

November 6, 2012
Day 1 Another Day In Paradise

Day 1- Another Day in Paradise-As I left work this afternoon out on the island and crossing over two Causeways to the mainland,  the sun was shining brightly and the sky was a brilliant blue. It's another beautiful day in paradise. I painted the background with bright tropical acrylics to jump start the piece, adding paper napkin flowers and lots of rub-ons. I'm on a mission to use up scrapbooking supplies! 
Day 2-Seeds of Kindness

 Day 2-Seeds of Kindness was inspired by a birthday card. Left over scrap papers and more acrylic paints and oil pastel crayons used. 
Day 3-Calendar 

Day 3- Calendar for November. I saw this post on Jessica Sporn's blog about this group  that made monthly art calendars and thought that might be fun to do in 2013. You can check out the group here:
Day 4-The Love of Art

Day 4: The Love of Art. We often take for granted the gifts we are given such as the use of our hands. A friend told me of a young girl that paints by holding her brush in her mouth, she has limited movement and no use of her arms. I was so touched by this story that she loved art so much. 

Hope you enjoyed my journal pages! Come back to see more next week! 
Bee Creative

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