Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get Your Art On Project

Hi Everyone!

Catching up on my blog reading today I came across a little art challenge by Traci Bunkers. It's a 30 day challenge called Get Your Art On. That is make art every day for 30 days, starting October 1st.  Sounds like fun to me, so I'm in and I hope you'll consider joining me for this event. Just click on Traci's link over there to the right or here if you'd like to find out more information on this project.  The goal is to spend at least 30 minutes per day making art using any method or media you like. Sounds fun and creative to me. Since I'm already in the studio most days working on the Li'l Journal Project, another 30 minutes to create something in my Art Journal will be just 30 more minutes of fun a day! It really is just a personal challenge to me to keep working on, improving and discovering my style. Like anything else, it takes practice. I'll be practicing for the next 30 days. If you decide to join in on the challenge let me know how you're doing! 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Li'l Journal Project Week 3

Hi Everyone!  

Come join me this week as we continue to explore the Li'l Journal Project prompts provided by Ashley at Li'l Blue Boo ( www.lilblueboo).   Last week we explored our childhood neighborhood, our favorite Children's books and we added special papers and memorabilia to our pages (some one got a little carried away on this), we created a Family Tree and we drew and painted with our non-dominate hand!  It was a busy, creative week in journal-land for me. There's a story behind each journal page prompt, all you need to do is click on the Li'l Journal Project (LJP) Page Tab above to see and read more about each page.  

Thank you for joining me for another week of inspired art journal prompts!  I hope you will be inspired to join in the fun! Oh yeah, I've also added some more Art Journal pages too! Click on Art Journal (AJ). I'm having fun, are you?

Bee Creative!

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

Hooray! It's Friday! In offices all over the world people are shouting Hooray! It's Friday! Everyone is geeked up for the weekend and having a bit of fun and relaxation, time with the family and friends and to tackle those DIY projects around the home. Or maybe you might be chillin' and grillin', whatever you are planning have FUN!  

Not long ago I went into declutter and clean out mode in my craft room.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to Journal Tuesday! So happy you dropped by today! I'm sharing Week 2 Li'l Journal Project (LJP) pages after another great week of thought provoking prompts from Ashley at  If you are new or just dying to try your hand a journal, this is a perfect place and project to get started! Just jump over to Ashley's blog and dive right in! Make your daily pages as simple or as elaborate as you desire, it's easy: each day Ashley gives a prompt to help inspire and stimulate your memories and she even gives a peak into her own journal so you can see what she is doing. It's a lot of fun!  

This week we took a jog down a few memory lanes and what fun it was to remember "the good ol' days" with the Cars In Your Life prompt on Day 7
Day 8 we made Color Palettes and named the colors. Day 9 a Group photo, Day 10 Treasures/Trinkets we keep. Click on the Li'l Journal Project (LJP) tab above where you will find photos of each journal page and stories for Week 2.

Let me know if you join the Li'l Journal Project over on Li'l Blue Boo and come back each week to see what I've done on LJP and while you are here, check out Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal(VJ) and coming soon.....Travel Journal. 

Have a wonderful week! 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lil Journal Project on Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

Last week I introduced my first journal pages and launched the Journal Tuesday Series where you can see my Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal (VJ), and coming soon Travel Journals (TJ). Be sure to check these Pages each week! I'll be adding to them on JOURNAL TUESDAYS.  

I've just started a new Journal Page called Li'l  Journal Project! This is the brain child of  Ashley Hackshaw over at Li'l Blue Boo blog. I was jumping around on one of my favorite blogs SEW MANY WAYS where I saw a link to a journal page and that's how I found Ashley's blog. Her journal project captured my imagination right a way with the promise of daily prompts!  
Ashley had us start out

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing Art Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

I'm SO excited and pleased to announce my new ART JOURNAL PAGE and what better way to introduce it than to make it a regular weekly post called JOURNAL TUESDAY!   Beginning today I'll be posting journal pages in Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal (VJ) and coming soon: Travel Journal (TJ) !  Check out my first ART JOURNAL (AJ) page!  Here's a sneak preview. 

 I hope that you will come and join me each TUESDAY for a colorful Journal adventure! Let the journey begin! 

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