Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing Art Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

I'm SO excited and pleased to announce my new ART JOURNAL PAGE and what better way to introduce it than to make it a regular weekly post called JOURNAL TUESDAY!   Beginning today I'll be posting journal pages in Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal (VJ) and coming soon: Travel Journal (TJ) !  Check out my first ART JOURNAL (AJ) page!  Here's a sneak preview. 

 I hope that you will come and join me each TUESDAY for a colorful Journal adventure! Let the journey begin! 

I'm linking up with: http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/  Find A Friend Friday & http://www.freckledlaundry.com 


Valerie said...

This is wonderful Suzy! I look forward to more Tuesdays with your beautiful journal!

Anne Payne said...

Cool! You're so...artistic ;) I can feel your enthusiasm jumping off the page. I liked your Lettering page - very nifty. I couldn't leave a comment over there for some reason.

Gina said...

That looks like a beautiful journal! I can tell you're going to enjoy!

sharnymcclarny said...

Happy you found me on SewManyWays FaFF. Looks like our interests coincide as far as watercolor, beading, crafting, thrifting and photography. I will enjoy following your blog and thank you for joining mine. Best, Sharon

Nancy | The Turner Five said...

Hi Suzy! Thank you so much for visiting The Turner Five. I'm very happy to follow you back. You look to be very creative and I'm excited to see all your posts during the coming weeks.

janice smith said...

Hi, Suzy! I'm so pleased you found you found my blog today and I am excited to follow your beautiful blog as well! Your journal page is so very beautiful - LOVE all that color! I can't wait to see more!