Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lil Journal Project on Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

Last week I introduced my first journal pages and launched the Journal Tuesday Series where you can see my Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal (VJ), and coming soon Travel Journals (TJ). Be sure to check these Pages each week! I'll be adding to them on JOURNAL TUESDAYS.  

I've just started a new Journal Page called Li'l  Journal Project! This is the brain child of  Ashley Hackshaw over at Li'l Blue Boo blog. I was jumping around on one of my favorite blogs SEW MANY WAYS http://www.sewmanyways.blogspot.com where I saw a link to a journal page and that's how I found Ashley's blog. Her journal project captured my imagination right a way with the promise of daily prompts!  
Ashley had us start out

 by purchasing a journal, nothing too expensive, really I went to Joann's and found one on sale for $4.99! I wanted paper I could draw, color, paint and write on and this is my preferred journal for that. 

 Page Prompt Day 1: write with your non-dominate hand and draw your writing instrument.  "this is my journal. there are no rules. it's imperfect. and perfect. all at the same time." 
For me, that meant LEFT handed writing.  I wrote in pencil and later traced over it with a black Sharpie. 
Dressed up version
Later I added watercolor and some left handed doodling.  I have posted the first few days prompts on Li'l Journal Project PAGE (LJP)above.  I hope you will go check out Li'l Blue Boo blog http://www.lilblueboo.com/category/the-lil-journal-project , (tell Ashley I sent you!)  and see what everyone is doing, and of course, come join in on the fun! It's sure to be a blast! 

Happy Journal Day! 


Trish said...

Great Blog. Looking forward to following your Art Journal Tuesdays! You're a spark people member too? I use it on and off. Love that site!

Pamela said...

Love how you decorated the first page!! Awesome! :)

Anne Payne said...

Non-dominant hand, huh? Not too bad! Mine would be horrible :)

BTW- Get rid of that Word Verification on here!!! PLEASE???
Blogger has a good spam filter and with as often as you are on here I don't think you'd have much trouble, if any at all. I haven't had spam on mine in ages!

Anne Payne said...

And also...I love you and miss you very much! Can't wait for the Great Aunts to come up and see Miss River girl :)