Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Blog Link Up

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would take a great leap of faith today after reading a blog post over on I linked up with Find a Friend Friday (FaFF). First time I've ever done such a thing but I thought why not?  Immediately, I started checking out some of the other links and found some very interesting and wonderful blogs and as an added bonus, some are linked to Pinterest.  Don't know what Pinterest is? Well, it is my latest obsession on the internet for sure! An on-line bulletin board where you can collect ideas that you might like to try or just like in general. The most amazing thing is that you can create boards to pin to and pin ideas from others! Now, some people frown on this, but others are delighted to share their creations and ideas. If I go to a blog site and the person does not have the Pinterest logo or they specifically say Don't Pin, I honor their request for privacy. Also, giving credit where credit is due is important but you don't need me to lecture on this, you can read the rules for yourself.  I personally think Pinterest is a fabulous way to collect things without hoarding up your house! I'm beginning to think that I am becoming a bit of a pin-hoarder. LOL!  Well, it is fun and if you haven't tried it, do take a look around. It will open your world to some new and beautiful places, people and things!  Have fun and let me know if you sign up!  Oh and please, come follow me! I'd love to share my boards with you! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Found Basket...Now what?

Hello Everyone! 
Found this basket at Goodwill, $1.99. Now that is a bargain anyone would have trouble passing up, right?  Love that it has a blush of pink on the outside.  

The blue and white gingham check lining was filthy. I ripped it out, but kept the pieces to make another pattern. 

Now what? Still waiting on an idea to come to me. 
Yes, it definitely needs to be relined with a more feminine fabric to go with the pink, perhaps even something as simple as muslin would look lovely?  Eventually this basket will find a home on a shelf in the studio and be designated for storing craft items. I'll keep you posted.....meanwhile if you have any ideas, send them my way!  

Hope you are having a wonderful day today! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Revamp

Hello Everyone! 
 It's Spring Project Time!  It's that time of the year when I finish old projects and begin new ones.  How about you? Do you have Unfinished Projects at your house?  Now is the time to dig them out of  your closets and get to work on finishing them!  If you are inclined to not finish a project you have to ask yourself why am I procrastinating on this project.  Be honest, if you really don't like the way it is going you  might consider changing a portion of the design or a color or if you really hate it, then pass it along to a friend if they seem interested, you can always put it away but I encourage you to re-think the process and then jump in and try to finish it.  I'm talking from experience here folks, about the projects that I have come to dislike for one reason or another.  Mostly it is because I ran into a problem and couldn't think of a solution at  the time and I put the project away.  You know, outta sight, outta mind and sometimes a project just needs some time to come together. 

 I've recently been working in the junk, er, guest room, here are some of the projects I did for that room.  
Day Trundle bed replaced a lumpy pull out couch.  Made the Hawaiian Applique Palm Trees and Turtle Pillows.

Palm Tree pattern
Turtle pattern
Crackle finish on desk top.

Revamped an old brown desk to give it a fresh look.

Next up is the foot stool I have been working on.  This is where I had an idea that didn't quite work out the way I planned and I had to go with Plan B.  Put the project away for a bit and see if another idea comes along that will work. 
Painted legs for re-vamping foot stool in progress. 
 My granddaughter Brianne loves to color and "make art", she needed some "art" for her room so I found a coloring book with these designs and turned them into painted canvases for her bedroom.  
Lady Bug Lady Bug painting from coloring book .

 Dink-Dink is the name of Brianne's stuffed caterpillar. The name comes from a caterpillar on Baby Einstein DVD, when the caterpillar comes on the screen it make a sound like dink-dink, so we started calling it Dink-Dink. 

Bee Happy is for Brianne.

I hope you are inspired to start cleaning out and revamping projects today!  A great way to celebrate Spring! Have a great weekend!

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