Friday, December 7, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Happy December! Yes! It IS December! It is hard to believe we are well into the first week of December already and every year I wonder where the time goes between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With Thanksgiving being earlier this year, it kinda threw me off! Hubby was raring to go to get the Christmas Tree as soon as our daughter and SIL pulled out of the driveway on Saturday after Thanksgiving. I tried to convince him it was too early to put the tree up but tradition stands and that means going to get a Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. Okay, so the tree is up in the stand and there are strands of lights on it however, it is yet to be decorated. 

It is hard to even think about Christmas shopping when the temperature hovers near 80 degrees.  I know, it is tough but someone has to live here and enjoy the warm weather <wink>, but this is one time of the year I think about the colder climates and the romance of snowy evenings by a fire, etc. Our version of that is candles and if we really want a fire we light one in the fire pit. 

Advent begins the first Sunday in December, to celebrate the meaning of Christmas, we gather for the Advent by Candlelight and hear the story of Jesus' birth.  It is a wonderful way to start the season of Advent and to get our hearts focused on the reason for the season.  Each year as the season of Advent begins in our church, we sing "O Come Emmanuel" and it gives me goosebumps when I hear the words.  Do you have a favorite Christmas song that brings tears to your eyes or gives you goosebumps? Another favorite is "O Holy Night", I love that song. 

Of course there are other fun events like the Christmas parade and parties to celebrate, along with a shopping and gift wrapping and cookie baking. This year will be attending our granddaughter's first Christmas event at her pre-school. I can't wait to see this! 

During the hustle, bustle and business of the season, my hope is that you will take a moment to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas.  

Have a Happy Jolly Week! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Wrap Up

Hi Everyone!

Well, here we are the first day of December and I'm wrapping up the final week of An Attitude of Gratitude Journal Challenge for the month of November.  You can see the expanded stories and photos by clicking on the tab above marked Attitude of Gratitude Journal. I hope you will check out the pages in my journal and give me some feedback and comment love. Thank you so much for supporting me through this challenge, it truly was a challenge to complete during this busy month! 

I'd like to say Thank You to Bernice Hopper for putting together An Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. You can click on link above to see other participant's work too or check out the Flickr group.
You are sure to enjoy the variety of styles. 

Thanks again for joining me on the art journal adventure during the month of November! 

Bee Creative

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

It is with a thankful heart we celebrate this holiday for God's merciful bounties and for bringing our family together to share. It is not the material things of this earth that bind us together rather it is our God, our family and friends. 

On this Thanksgiving eve I am thinking about those are suffering the after affect of Hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to them for their loss of home and neighborhoods, of dear ones and the devastating effect on each persons life. The amazing thing I see on the news each night is the attitude of gratitude, determination and a willingness to go on despite the challenges. 
When tragic events happen people pull together in their communities and support and love one another. While we can't be physically there to support the families and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy, we can pray for them and offer our assistance by donating to Relief funds or through our churches, etc. that offer assistance. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Week 3 Attitude of Gratitude Journal Pages can be seen in more detail by clicking on Attitude of Gratitude Journal tab above. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 2 Attitude of Gratitude

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! Today I'm sharing my Attitude of Gratitude Journal pages with you. You can see the entire post by clicking on the above tab marked Attitude of Gratitude Journal. 

You might remember in the last few posts about my journals that I have been trying to make a dent into my supplies by using up what I have instead of purchasing new stuff?  Well, I had a little breakdown the other day, a moment of weakness when I was online checking out a "tutorial" and went over to the link to Ranger Ink . Oh MY Goodness! I should have closed that page right away but being curious about some of the products and watching the "demos", I got sucked right in.  Not a bad thing mind you but a rather expensive one. Here's how I justified the purchase to myself: I've been out of work for the last few years and have had limited income to purchase supplies. My husband said I should spend some of the money on something I liked. supplies here we come! LOL! Well it's a good rationalization until I get the bill. Here's what I got: Spray inks by Dylusions in Squeezed Orange, Fresh Lime and Vibrant Turquoise. Don't you just love those names? For some time now I've wanted to try Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints Modern Red, Altered Orange, Dab of Yellow, Classic Teal and Landscape Green. Can you see the color scheme going here?  Yes, I ordered those too! My biggest splurge was the Inkssentials Non-Stick Craft Sheet; it is just the greatest thing! Have you seen them? Do you use one?  They resist every medium you can put on them and they are heat resistant too! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  If you don't have one, put it on your Christmas list! 
I'm so excited to have these products to work with and you will see them incorporated in the next journal pages. 

Thanks for stopping in today and I look forward to sharing more journal pages with you next week! 

Bee Creative!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

It's a beautiful day here today! Hope you are having a beautiful day too. I have a confession to make: this week I've struggled to keep up with my journal pages, specifically the Art Every Day Challenge.  I'm not making any excuses, I'm just saying I'm struggling here and to be perfectly honest, I've bitten off a bit more than I bargained for with the two art projects this month!  

So there, with that said, I'm still enjoying the process and the challenge of each journal but feel I need to cut back on the Art Every Day Journal for now.
Today's pages are a sample of why I'm cutting back, some aren't completed and others the work is not up to par.  Still I am going to put them out there as an encouragement to everyone to continue on the journey even when you are struggling!  Please click on the Art Every Day Journal tab above to see the pages in more detail. 

Hope you are having a creative week! 


Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

I've been tagged by Sylvia at for a game of Blog Tag. This is all new to me but I thought I would give it a go and see what happens!  Thank you Sylvia for tagging me and giving me an opportunity to get to know you better and other bloggers as well! 

Here are the rules:

  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • the person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer them
  • ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you're going to tag (the people you tag should have less than 200 followers) 
  • mention the blog that tagged you, but don't tag them back.

Let's get started:  11 things about me:

  • I'm a child of God. A Christian believer in Jesus Christ.
  • I'm a native Floridian. If you live in Florida you will know that most people are not native to this state. 
  • Married for 37 years. Two grown and married children, two grand-daughters and another grand-baby due next spring.
  • I make quilts, sew, knit, embroider, crochet for charity.
  • I love making art, watercolors, acrylics and art journals.
  • Beads are another hobby; I make most of my own jewelry.
  • I'm involved in two online art challenges during the month of November. 
  • My professional career was in Freight Transportation.
  • I have two part-time jobs.
  • I love sports. Watching them, not playing them.
  • I like to cook.

Here are the 11 questions I was asked: 

  1. What time of the day or evening do you do most of your crafting? Mostly in the late afternoon or evening.
  2. If money was not a concern, what would be the next machine or toy you would buy for your craft? A new laptop.
  3. How long have you lived in your current city? 18 yrs.
  4. How many states and/or countries have you resided in? 4 States: Flordia, South Carolina, North Carolina, California. 
  5. Do you have any pets? None. I recently had to put my cat Rocky to sleep so my husband said no more pets. We'll see <wink> about that.   What kind? We are cat lovers so...
  6. What is your favorite TV show? Person of Interest.
  7. Do you prefer to read a physical book on use an e-reader device like a Kindle? Both. If I'm reading a book then it is on Kindle; if it is a craft or hobby book I want it in my hands! 
  8. Where is your favorite place to vacation? National Parks! 
  9. Do you prefer to dine-in or go out to eat? Both. I cook almost every night, except Friday when we go out.
  10. What is your favorite recipe you like to prepare? I like anything Italian. 
  11. What did you eat for breakfast? Coffee. No breakfast today. 
My turn to ask the people I tagged 11 questions: 
  1. What is your favorite craft/hobby? 
  2. How long have you been into your hobby/crafts? 
  3. Do you have a special room or designated place to do your hobby? If so, what do you call this space? 
  4. What time of day to you craft?
  5. What is your favorite tool for crafty/hobby? 
  6. What was your last purchased tool? 
  7. What would you purchase if money were no object? 
  8. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? 
  9. What is your favorite season?
  10. What is your favorite TV show?  
  11. Do you like sports? What's your favorite sport? 
Blogs I have tagged: 
Thanks to all the bloggers who participated in the blog-tag game! I look forward to seeing your answers and getting to know you better! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

So glad you dropped by today to get a glimpse at the new Attitude of Gratitude Journal pages!  This journal is a month long project started by Bernice Hopper over at We'd love for you to come and join our group!

It's simple, each day Bernice gives thought provoking questions to get you started, some video inspiration plus quotes that inspire. She even provides this in a PDF format to print out! Some people post daily to Bernice's blog page (she provides a link up tool) and others post to Facebook  or here at Flickr:   I hope you will consider joining us! 

You can check out my pages in AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE JOURNAL by clicking on the tab above.  I give a bit of insight to the thought process on each page and a larger detailed view.  I appreciate any and all comments, however, I would ask you to be kind when commenting. It is a challenge to do these pages and an even bigger challenge to put them out there for others to see. I do hope you will enjoy them and join me each week for my show and tell! 

Have a Creative Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art Every Day Month

Hey Everyone!

It's been a very busy week trying to cope with the new job (and the old one) and keep up with hubs, family and the two art challenges. I'll admit it is a bit much but I am having a great time with the journal pages for both challenges!  Maybe you have been following along on Facebook or perhaps you have found the Flickr account but I promised I would post my  Art Every Day Month (AEDM) journal pages here on Tuesdays and An Attitude Of Gratitude (AOG) on Thursdays.  So here's a sneak peak of my pages for AEDM, if you want to see them up close and personal just click on the tab above for more detail.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are inspired to come join us in making art journal pages everyday!

Bee Creative!


Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

I'm off on not one but two art adventures for the month of November! Yes, they both coincide this month but I'm going to give it a shot! Check them both out!  Art Every Day Month (AEDM) and is hosted by Leah over at  I hope you will join me as I start this very special challenge of making art every day! I'll be posting it on my blog once a week during November on Tuesday. An Attitude of Gratitude (AAOG) is hosted by Bernice Hopper over at I'll be posting here on Flicker also on my blog on Thursdays.  This is a very busy month for me between starting two new jobs, care for my grands and having family in for the holidays. Really, is this too much??? 

The process of making art is something I feel compelled to do, on a daily basis if at all possible.  We'll see how it goes during November. I need your support in cheering me on, especially as the time for the holidays starts to draw nearer! 

Thanks for your support and I appreciate each comment and read them all! I hope you will also be inspired to try a 30 day challenge yourself! It is amazing to make a series of art journal pages and to watch your creativity blossom when you step out of your norm and into a world of creativity that is within you.  I encourage you to try it! Just go for it, do your own art and find what makes your heart happy. Experiment with new colors, new ideas, try a new product and enjoy the process! Have fun! And if you are so inclined, please send me a photo of your work! I'd love to see it! 

Happy Creating (with Gratitude) Every Day! 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to the final days of the Get Your Art On challenge! Here's are some journal pages I've been working on this past week. 
Day 23 Oh Happy Day 
Day 23-Oh Happy Day!  Having a great day plastering on papers and adding a bit of ink, water color pencils to this page. 

Day 24-Groovy
Day 24-Groovy:  This isn't my favorite page but it is what it is. I was out and about this day having a great day adding to my Distress Ink collection. I found acrylic paints on sale so I treated myself to a few bottles in bright tropical colors and came home and played with them. 

Day 25 Tropic Winds
Day 25-Tropic Winds: The winds began to pick up from Hurricane Sandy as it was approaching off shore near the Bahamas.  I started with scrapping pink and blue acrylic paints vertically on the page, adding spiced marmalade and mustard seed Distress ink to the mix. I cut palm branches from text and inked them, also leaves were zentangled for fun. 

Day 26 Baby Girl Loves Pink & Purple
Day 26-Baby Girl Loves Pink & Purple: Yes it is true, my 3 yr. old grand daughter is in love with these colors. She will hoard pink and purple crayons too! I threw in a bit of red gelatos and yellow acrylic paint for a bit of variation on the Pink and Purple theme. Added the zentangle scalloped border for fun. 
Day 27-Gator Chomp
Day 27-Gator Chomp: I'm a Florida Gator fan. I had this great gator stamp but thought it looked a bit weak on the background so I decided to make my own Gator from newsprint! I really like this page. GO GATORS

Day 28-By Grace
Day 28-Reformation:  Romans 3:23-24 "It is by grace we are saved. 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus". 

I sure had a great week experimenting/playing with my new colors! I hope you had a creative week too!  For those in the path of Hurricane Sandy in the North East, please stay safe and know that our prayers are with you! 


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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

Something really exciting happened the other day! I fixed my PB&J and sat down in my favorite chair to eat  and read as I normally do during lunch (unless I'm working or watching the grands)most days.  I recently downloaded some free books on my Kindle  One of the books I downloaded was Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant. This is a Georgian Historical Romance based on a true story and the first time I have read this author's books. 

 I was munching on my sandwich and reading along when I came to this: "She was sure if she swung higher her toes would touch the clouds".* Ok, let me ask when you are reading a book, do you have a running movie going in your head? Picturing the scenes, the characters, what they are wearing and how they look??  I do. You might remember, I've got "watercolor eyes" and so my mind immediately went into journal/painting mode. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't concentrate at all on the words, my mind keep conjuring up the images so I ran back to my art room and got busy with painting and cutting paper to make the scene in my head! 

Day 22 Touch the Clouds
Afterwards as I was writing the author's words onto the page, I thought I need to contact the author and ask permission to use this quote! (Big Gulp! First time ever contacting an author!) I immediately Googled: Lucinda Brant found her contact information and emailed her, including an attachment of my journal page with the quote on it.  I really didn't think I'd hear back but within hours, I had my answer! Lucinda had graciously said yes! I was over the moon with excitement because she said yes! AND she was asking my permission to pin this painting on her Pinterest board for her fans to see! I hope you will all go over for a visit to Lucinda's website and download (Kindle & Nook) the story of Deb and Julian! Tell Lucinda I sent you!  

A special thank you Lucinda for inspiring me and graciously allowing your quote from Midnight Marriage to be a part of my art! And thank you for the pin on Pinterest!  

Thank you my family, friends and followers for your encouragement and kind comments each week! I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Have a blessed weekend!

*Quote used by permission from author.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

30 Day Art Challenge

Hello Everyone! 

Here's a few pages from my GET YOUR ART ON journal. More than half way through this 30 day challenge of making art.  I'm enjoying the process and having fun making each individual piece. 

This week I pulled items from a long forgotten box of paper treasures and made this page for Day 16: A Season For Everything.  There's a seed packet cut from a card our niece sent, a vellum piece with script,text paper leaves and heart cut from a stencil, a teapot painted on needlework canvas, and circles cut from a discarded watercolor project. They all came together to make a page that speaks to the change of season here in Florida. This is our growing season.

Day 17-Let the Son Shine In. I LOVE  Pears! I actually drool when the Harry and David catalog appears in the mail box!  They have THE BEST pears I've ever eaten in my life.  Anyway, enough about that...I was feeling joyful this day so I added flowers hand cut from some book text and leaf shapes cut from recycled watercolor page and more text. There was a piece of paper in my stash that had Joy stamped on it and I thought it was perfect to go with the is piece.

Day 18-Until You Have The Courage. A prompt about quotes last week led me to make this page. I had two quotes both about the ocean and this one just needed a page. I worked it in collage with pieces of maps and sky and water then distressed inked the edges to give a feeling of an old world map. The quote : "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." Christopher Columbus. 

Day 19-She was beautiful. This page drove me crazy!  I was going for a vintage look and ended up with something entirely different! My page just didn't want to be vintage. Does that ever happen to you?  SO I changed courses but by the time this happened, the page was already over-saturated in color. 

Day 20-She is Happy.  While working on the previous page I was wiping ink onto this page and just decided to let it stand and start another page with the base of color. The design on the tag was inspiration in the center of She was Beautiful, and I wanted to include it on this page. After adding the borders to the page it looked like a party getting started and that makes me happy, so I added streamers!

Day 21-Was Your Heart Not On Fire?  "Let your heart burn with passion. As we see the glory of God in the face of Christ." We were singing this song at church this morning and it stuck in my head. I was humming this s as I started my page and soon my heart was on FIRE. I remember the scripture about the  two disciples that were walking on the road to Damascus when Jesus appeared to them.  Luke 24:32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”  

Have a wonderful week! Get Your Art ON! 

Bee Creative!
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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

I'm so happy you dropped by to check out my LI'L JOURNAL PROJECT post today.  This is Week 6 in the series, so if you have been following along during the process you've seen a lot of art work in the past 6 Weeks! It's been a blast to make art journal pages from the daily prompts that Ashley Hackshaw over at Li'l Blue Boo presents each day! Ashley started Week 6 by asking "Where does your inspiration come from? What inspires you"?  Good questions, huh?  And she asked that we make a list of inspirational materials, blogs or whatever inspires us to create. You know how I feel about list making, so here is "list" in art form. LOL! I had such a blast doing this page that I carried it over to my Get Your Art On journal pages and expanded on the Zentangle idea. 

Day 26 Inspiration
To view Week 6 journal pages, please click on the Page Tab above Li'l Journal Project.  I'm so happy you have stopped by and I hope you will find  something to inspire you today! 

Bee Creative!! Linking to: &

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello Everyone! 

If you've been following along with me on this project you might notice a difference in style this week. There was a slight breakthrough for me this week while making daily art pages for Get Your Art On! If you are new follower, I hope you will come along and watch as I make my way through 30 Days of making art and trying to discover my style. As you view previous pages, maybe you will also see the difference in what I'm doing. 

Day 11 Welcome to Paradise. Living in the Sunshine State we have abundant tropical flora and fauna.  When we first moved to So. Florida my neighbor told me that the Fall and Winter months were like Spring and Summer in the rest of the States.  Fall is when the landscape comes to life here! While most people experience the changing of leaves and eventually dormant trees branches, we get more vibrant colors, blooming flowers and greener grass.  

Day 12 Sound of the Waves: So this is the time of year we spend more time by the pool and at the beach. Folks from the North flock down here during "season" to escape the cold winter months and enjoy warmer weather. The ocean is but a mile from my house via two Causeways and I long to spend time at the beach. I rarely go there but that is about to change.  

Day 13 Pool Time. It was a beautiful day to spend by the pool, grilling out and enjoying the afternoon breezes from the ocean. 

Day 14 Can't See the Forest For the Trees. We started a new Bible Study series at church this week. This page represents my thought process about End Times and how people are always trying to look into and predict the future. 

Day 15 Zentangle. Earlier I was working on a Li'l Journal Project about inspiration, not wanting to make a list as suggested, I came up with the idea of making a Zentangle in which I could write my thoughts. And wanting to explore the concept of zentangle further, I started this page in  Get Your Art On journal. It's not quite done but I'm enjoying the process and will add text later. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's Get Your Art On journal pages.  

GO! Bee Creative! 

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Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday! I'm SOooooo Happy that Ashley over at Li'l Blue Boo is back with the word prompts for our LJP!! This week in THE LI'L JOURNAL PROJECT the prompts have been about word associations and mapping.  I like the word associations and thinking about each word I can't help but put the words into visual meanings. Being a very visual person, this is how I interpret my world, some people tell me I have "watercolor eyes".  Watercolor eyes are when you see everyday objects or scenes in watercolor terms, visually trying to paint what you see. Guilty! Yes, I'm always trying to figure out what color things are made of and if it were a painting, how would I paint it? Does anyone else's brain work like that?  Do you have Watercolor Eyes? 

Click on the LI'L JOURNAL PROJECT page tab above to see each Day and the stories behind them.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will also be encouraged to start a Li'l Journal Project of your very own!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

Bee Creative!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Learning Prompt

Hi Everyone! 

Working on two journal projects this month has been pretty exciting stuff for me, a learning process.  The Li'l Journal Project over at is based on prompts that  Ashley Hackshaw creates daily and posts on her blog.  Each prompt subject (s) leads to a past or present experience in your life. I find myself deep into thought some days from a one word prompt, other days is seems like silly fun to me but either way, I am having a wonderful time interpreting these word prompts. I look forward each morning to getting a cup of coffee and sitting down in front of my computer and to see what prompt Ashley will have for me today..... 

Knowing Ashley was taking a little break from prompting last week I began working on another art project called Get Your Art On, Check it out at It's a 30 day project to make art, any kind and there are no prompts. Okay, by the Third day in this process, I discovered that I really like word PROMPTS which seem to give a  focus or direction to creating a page. I know, this might sound a bit lame to some people, being prompt less (LOL, is that even a word?) but speaking for myself and left to my own devices (prompt less), I wander around the pages kinda willy-nilly. So here's a big thank you to Ashley for the daily prompts! 

Here's some pages from the 30 Day Get Your Art On series:

Day 5: Push Beyond Your Norm. Sorry for the shadows on the page, it's been a crazy week weather-wise for photos.  Continuing to work with stamped tissue paper and adding acrylics to the mix. Pushing Beyond the usual inks and color palette.

Day 6: Making Art with Bree. Brianne is my oldest grand-daughter, she is 3 yrs. old and loves to come to Mimi's house to "make art". We played colored pens, silk leaves and glitter glue, after she left, I made this page using some of the same materials. 

Day 7: Morning Has Broken. When I photographing the background of this piece I noticed a shadow on the page that looked like a tree with branches, so I pulled out some papers to make a collage of the shadows. I'm not entirely happy with this but it is what it is for now, I'll go in and modify it later. 

Day 8: What's That Buzz??  You might think the title has something to do with the Bees and honeycombs but actually it was about the buzzing noise I heard when working on this piece. We were having some electrical problems and the buzzing was the air conditioner trying to come on! Yikes! This page inspired by a journal prompt on Li'l Journal Project. 

Come back and check out the Li'l Journal Project Pages later this week! Until then, GO.... GET..... YOUR..... ART.... ON!!!

Bee Creative!
30 Days of Get Your Ar On
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting My Art On This Week

Hi Everyone!

 Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend and I can officially say that because I started a new job today! My job is part-part time and I have a deal with the boss that my hours will be flexible since I watch our grand babies the other days. Sooooo, what does that have to do with today's post? Well, one of the pages happens to be about this and I also have other wonderful news to share in another page....I'll let you see what that news is: 
GUESS WHAT!!?! That's the same line I used to open the conversation with my mother 32 years ago. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Li'l Journal Project Week 4

Hi Everyone! 

During Week 4 of the Li'l Journal Project we were asked to make a Job Time Line, do some mapping with a twist, make a diagram of our social network, remember a trip or vacation and look at magazines subscriptions. 

It was a very exciting week for me, some of the prompts we were given had me digging deep and realizing I've have a blessed life. My attitude of gratitude is renewed for the many gifts I've been given. 
Here's what I learned:   

  • God is the director of my social network
  • Blessed to be a Wife, Mom & Grandmom
  • I have a Adventurer's Heart and an Artist Soul 
  • Love to travel, but Home is where this heart resides.
  • Love magazines 

You'll get the scoop with each page if you click on the Page Tab above marked Li'l Journal Project.  Here's a Sneak Peak of my favorite prompt: 

 Ashley is taking a week's break with the journal prompts so this is a great time to play catch up on your pages or jump in and start a Li'l Journal Project of your very own! You can check it out by clicking on the link below.  I hope you will consider joining (let me know if you do!) and I promise you will have so much fun! 

Go Make Art!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get Your Art On Project

Hi Everyone!

Catching up on my blog reading today I came across a little art challenge by Traci Bunkers. It's a 30 day challenge called Get Your Art On. That is make art every day for 30 days, starting October 1st.  Sounds like fun to me, so I'm in and I hope you'll consider joining me for this event. Just click on Traci's link over there to the right or here if you'd like to find out more information on this project.  The goal is to spend at least 30 minutes per day making art using any method or media you like. Sounds fun and creative to me. Since I'm already in the studio most days working on the Li'l Journal Project, another 30 minutes to create something in my Art Journal will be just 30 more minutes of fun a day! It really is just a personal challenge to me to keep working on, improving and discovering my style. Like anything else, it takes practice. I'll be practicing for the next 30 days. If you decide to join in on the challenge let me know how you're doing! 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Li'l Journal Project Week 3

Hi Everyone!  

Come join me this week as we continue to explore the Li'l Journal Project prompts provided by Ashley at Li'l Blue Boo ( www.lilblueboo).   Last week we explored our childhood neighborhood, our favorite Children's books and we added special papers and memorabilia to our pages (some one got a little carried away on this), we created a Family Tree and we drew and painted with our non-dominate hand!  It was a busy, creative week in journal-land for me. There's a story behind each journal page prompt, all you need to do is click on the Li'l Journal Project (LJP) Page Tab above to see and read more about each page.  

Thank you for joining me for another week of inspired art journal prompts!  I hope you will be inspired to join in the fun! Oh yeah, I've also added some more Art Journal pages too! Click on Art Journal (AJ). I'm having fun, are you?

Bee Creative!

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

Hooray! It's Friday! In offices all over the world people are shouting Hooray! It's Friday! Everyone is geeked up for the weekend and having a bit of fun and relaxation, time with the family and friends and to tackle those DIY projects around the home. Or maybe you might be chillin' and grillin', whatever you are planning have FUN!  

Not long ago I went into declutter and clean out mode in my craft room.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Journal Tuesday

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to Journal Tuesday! So happy you dropped by today! I'm sharing Week 2 Li'l Journal Project (LJP) pages after another great week of thought provoking prompts from Ashley at  If you are new or just dying to try your hand a journal, this is a perfect place and project to get started! Just jump over to Ashley's blog and dive right in! Make your daily pages as simple or as elaborate as you desire, it's easy: each day Ashley gives a prompt to help inspire and stimulate your memories and she even gives a peak into her own journal so you can see what she is doing. It's a lot of fun!  

This week we took a jog down a few memory lanes and what fun it was to remember "the good ol' days" with the Cars In Your Life prompt on Day 7
Day 8 we made Color Palettes and named the colors. Day 9 a Group photo, Day 10 Treasures/Trinkets we keep. Click on the Li'l Journal Project (LJP) tab above where you will find photos of each journal page and stories for Week 2.

Let me know if you join the Li'l Journal Project over on Li'l Blue Boo and come back each week to see what I've done on LJP and while you are here, check out Art Journal (AJ), Verse Journal(VJ) and coming soon.....Travel Journal. 

Have a wonderful week! 

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