Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hi Everyone! 

It is with a thankful heart we celebrate this holiday for God's merciful bounties and for bringing our family together to share. It is not the material things of this earth that bind us together rather it is our God, our family and friends. 

On this Thanksgiving eve I am thinking about those are suffering the after affect of Hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to them for their loss of home and neighborhoods, of dear ones and the devastating effect on each persons life. The amazing thing I see on the news each night is the attitude of gratitude, determination and a willingness to go on despite the challenges. 
When tragic events happen people pull together in their communities and support and love one another. While we can't be physically there to support the families and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy, we can pray for them and offer our assistance by donating to Relief funds or through our churches, etc. that offer assistance. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Week 3 Attitude of Gratitude Journal Pages can be seen in more detail by clicking on Attitude of Gratitude Journal tab above. 


BJ said...

Super pages yet again, love how you make them so personal and depict the journaling via the pictures. Great Job BJ

Happygirl said...

Thank you Suzy for following my blog.I am your follower too now. I will soon update with Gayle's tag game. It was very enjoyable going through your blog. Have a very happy thanksgiving.

Carla said...

Love your journal art