Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Learning Prompt

Hi Everyone! 

Working on two journal projects this month has been pretty exciting stuff for me, a learning process.  The Li'l Journal Project over at www.lilblueboo.com is based on prompts that  Ashley Hackshaw creates daily and posts on her blog.  Each prompt subject (s) leads to a past or present experience in your life. I find myself deep into thought some days from a one word prompt, other days is seems like silly fun to me but either way, I am having a wonderful time interpreting these word prompts. I look forward each morning to getting a cup of coffee and sitting down in front of my computer and to see what prompt Ashley will have for me today..... 

Knowing Ashley was taking a little break from prompting last week I began working on another art project called Get Your Art On, Check it out at www.tracibunkers.com. It's a 30 day project to make art, any kind and there are no prompts. Okay, by the Third day in this process, I discovered that I really like word PROMPTS which seem to give a  focus or direction to creating a page. I know, this might sound a bit lame to some people, being prompt less (LOL, is that even a word?) but speaking for myself and left to my own devices (prompt less), I wander around the pages kinda willy-nilly. So here's a big thank you to Ashley for the daily prompts! 

Here's some pages from the 30 Day Get Your Art On series:

Day 5: Push Beyond Your Norm. Sorry for the shadows on the page, it's been a crazy week weather-wise for photos.  Continuing to work with stamped tissue paper and adding acrylics to the mix. Pushing Beyond the usual inks and color palette.

Day 6: Making Art with Bree. Brianne is my oldest grand-daughter, she is 3 yrs. old and loves to come to Mimi's house to "make art". We played colored pens, silk leaves and glitter glue, after she left, I made this page using some of the same materials. 

Day 7: Morning Has Broken. When I photographing the background of this piece I noticed a shadow on the page that looked like a tree with branches, so I pulled out some papers to make a collage of the shadows. I'm not entirely happy with this but it is what it is for now, I'll go in and modify it later. 

Day 8: What's That Buzz??  You might think the title has something to do with the Bees and honeycombs but actually it was about the buzzing noise I heard when working on this piece. We were having some electrical problems and the buzzing was the air conditioner trying to come on! Yikes! This page inspired by a journal prompt on Li'l Journal Project. 

Come back and check out the Li'l Journal Project Pages later this week! Until then, GO.... GET..... YOUR..... ART.... ON!!!

Bee Creative!
30 Days of Get Your Ar On
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janice smith said...

Your journal pages look GREAT! I'll have to check out Get Your Art On for sure!

Rosie said...

I can actually SEE your style developing with each page here ... and one day you'll be confident enough to just write what you feel, but in the meantime prompts are great. I might start offering some on my blog ....

fatmonica said...

I love these pages.You have a great style!Thanks for your comments on my blog.I'm following now to see more of your work!

Caatje said...

I loved browsing through your blog. I like your use of color a lot, bright and yet light. Very nice. Keep creating!
PS, the hair pins with the beads on them were gorgeous!