Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday! I'm SOooooo Happy that Ashley over at Li'l Blue Boo is back with the word prompts for our LJP!! This week in THE LI'L JOURNAL PROJECT the prompts have been about word associations and mapping.  I like the word associations and thinking about each word I can't help but put the words into visual meanings. Being a very visual person, this is how I interpret my world, some people tell me I have "watercolor eyes".  Watercolor eyes are when you see everyday objects or scenes in watercolor terms, visually trying to paint what you see. Guilty! Yes, I'm always trying to figure out what color things are made of and if it were a painting, how would I paint it? Does anyone else's brain work like that?  Do you have Watercolor Eyes? 

Click on the LI'L JOURNAL PROJECT page tab above to see each Day and the stories behind them.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will also be encouraged to start a Li'l Journal Project of your very own!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Anonymous said...

Love your style of using watercolors...I used colored pencils to add images to the word association this week - - they definitely felt like they needed some artwork to bring them to life. Looking forward to completing Friday's entry with my parents and grandparents when we're all together this week!