Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hello Friends,

Like a true friendship, time escapes us periodically and then we pick up just where we left off, never skipping a beat....I hope you have friendships like that, I'd like to think we have that kinda friendship here.   Well, it has been a long time and it seems this year has been flying by quickly without much blogging on my part.  I'll not offer any lame excuses and apologies, it's just been a busy summer for me.


We have a new GRAND BABY GIRL!  Baby ISLA (pronounced eye-la)  MARIA was born in early August. She is welcomed into the family by her parents Amanda and Fabian, her older step-sister Destiny and her brother Jackson.

Isn't she darling in her little mermaid tutu?

Amanda was having gall bladder issues and they induced the baby thinking they would then do surgery RIGHT after the birth.  I booked a flight and rushed up to Michigan to help out with the family, only to find out they (the doctors) decided to do the gall bladder surgery a month later.  I was there for two weeks doing my Mimi thing with the "littles".  A month later I was back for the post surgery care to give the family some much needed help.

I'm happy to report all is well with my daughter and everyone is adjusting to life with a new baby and toddler.  Grandson Jackson is growing up and he adores his baby sister!  She thinks he hung the moon.

Now that I'm back home, it's time for the Fall decorating and projects!  l'll be sharing those with you next week.   So Ya'll come back now, real soon.



Anne Payne said...

Congrats on the new baby!!! Of course, I knew all this and have seen the photos but they are still so precious to look at! Isla is gorgeous such a beautiful baby girl. :-)

Glad to see you back and look forward to your autumn decor posts.

Love you!!!

Susie Murray said...

Hey Anne! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment to check out the post. I'll be posting Autume decor next week so be sure to come by. Love you!!!