Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Hello Friends,
Happy Thanksgiving!
How was your Thanksgiving?  Hubs and I celebrated at home this year with our own turkey and our favorite trimmings.  We love turkey leftovers as much as the Thanksgiving feast the day before. Turkey sandwiches on white bread with mayo are leftover faves. A nice hearty turkey noodle soup and Turkey Sheppard's pie will go into the freezer for a chilly day. What wonderful dishes do you make from your leftover turkey?

On the day after Thanksgiving Hubs is raring to go to get the Christmas tree which we do and put it into a bucket of water until the following weekend when the tree officially goes up.

 I'm telling you right here, right now, I'm NOT ready for this to be happening!  It seems that I've only just gotten my Fall decorations up and it is NOT possibly time to take them down and start on the Christmas decor. If Hubs had his way, the tree would go up today, the day after Thanksgiving.  I am not ready for that. I'd like the remainder of November to enjoy my Fall decor.

November is a crafty month for me working on decor and Christmas projects like knitting mermaid tail blankets for little Sunshine & Lollipop and red & white stripe hats for the hospital babies born in December and making a new Christmas wreath for the front door.  It's a fun creative time for crafting, knitting and decorating.  Beginning next week I'll be sharing some of these crafty projects with you ....after the Christmas tree goes up.

Until then, enjoy the last few days of November and the remaining turkey leftovers.  
Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!
Bee Creative!

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Jeanna said...

We got our Christmas tree yesterday also. That is our tradition :)

We will decorate the tree tonight. The inside of the house is done and we will do minimal decorating outside this year as we are getting new landscaping.

I look forward to seeing your Christmas projects.