Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quilted Fall Pumkin Table Runner

Hello Friends,

Welcome back. Glad to see you! Today I'm sharing a Quilted Fall Pumpkin Table Runner that was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest.  Quilting has been a hobby of mine for about 30 years now and a pumpkin table runner has been on my quilting To Do List for a few years.

One Saturday morning in late September my best friend Bonnie and I were having our weekly text chat over coffee when the subject of table runners came up once again. Every year we lament over the fact that we have not gotten our table runners done in time for Fall. But THIS year I had already decided it was a priority project to scratch off my TO DO list.  I had a plan in mind and was determined to make it happen.  Bonnie listened as I told her the plan, Step One: go to your fabric stash and pull out orange fabrics.

Text a photo when done.
 Fabrics pulled for project.  Step Two:  Do the math (yikes, I'm mathematically challenged) to determine block size according to table dimensions.

Step Three:  Cut squares according to the runner size determined by table size.
Send Photo.

Step Four: Sew pieces together.  Send Photo.

Step Five: Cut and arrange pieces for second pumpkin.  Sew and send Photo.

  And this is where I lost her.  Being determined  I pushed on over the next few days, adding hand drawn leaves and stem that were appliqued after the pumpkins were sewn into the background and a few thread squiggles for vines. Machine quilting and adding a orange stripe binding to finish off the project and FINALLY call it DONE!  

 Here you can see it on my dining room table.  I bought the wooden crate at Joann Fabrics and painted it with a metallic copper craft paint and added the faux red and green apples and a few faux fall leaves.

I'm so excited to finally cross off this long standing project on my To Do List!  Now, it's time to tackle a Christmas table runner....uh, maybe next year!

Happy Fall!
Bee Creative!


Julierose said...

Oh love this runner--so cute!! good job...(I am also not a math whizkid, either!!) hugs, Julierose

Carla said...

Awesome table runner. It's fallish yet cheerful. I like it