Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Terrarium and Cloches

Hello Friends!

It has become very clear to me that glass apothecary jars, terrariums and cloches have had a resurgence in the decorating market recently.  Have you noticed?  These were very popular in the 60's and early 70's (We actually received a terrarium as a wedding present 40 years ago but over the years it went by the way, wish I'd hung on to it now).

A few weeks ago I was at Old Time Pottery and found a beautiful copper terrarium shaped like a house. Pitter Patter went my heart. Oh be still! There were several Large and one or two small sizes on the shelf but after seeing the price well I had to pass it by.  After two weeks that terrarium was STILL on my mind so I went back to the store. It was not on the shelf where I saw it before, I was mentally giving myself a good talking to about passing up a special piece like that, when a sales associate asks if she can help me.  I told her about the smaller terrarium and asked if there were any smaller terrariums in the back by chance, she said "no, but there's one over here that might be what you are looking for".  YES!  It was the one I wanted all along!!! Just waiting for me to take it home!

AND there just so happened to be a 20% discount for VIP customers that day.  How about that??

Oh I have lots of ideas for filling this terrarium and if I didn't have my own ideas brimming over I found a billion more on....you guessed it, Pinterest. Check out my BOARD .

Each week I visit Good Will store in my area to look for treasures which is hit or miss most weeks. Do you remember the ever popular cheese board with the domed lid?  I found one at GW and turned it into a little cloche for Fall.  Sporting a little plaid pumpkin and glitter acorns on a bed of raffia and wire leaf.

So Cool, right?  Yeah, these little finds are what keeps me going back.

So what are you creating? Let me know!

Bee Creative!



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Anne Payne said...

I love the terrarium!!! I'm trying to create an oasis here in our new home. I've found quite a few thrift store finds and decor items on sale, and of course a few 'free' things too. :)