Thursday, November 5, 2015

Apothecary Jars & Hurricane Lantern Fillers

Hello there!

I never get tired of seeing what people are doing when it comes to decorating their homes and hope that you agree because I'm sharing a few more Fall ideas with you today.

Have you seen the wonderful candles,candle holders and apothecary jar and vase fillers at Pottery Barn? Wow! They take my breathe away.  Don't you love the way they take an ordinary glass apothecary jar and turn it into something special with moss and a few decorative items?  Well, I love the look of PB but not being able to afford it, I have to find other ways to satisfy my PB decorating on a budget.

A few years back I purchased two very large glass hurricane lantern/vases and a large apothecary jar at Marshall's (for a fraction of the cost) to use in decorating.  These glass hurricanes and apothecary jar have held everything from shells to Christmas ornaments, faux branches to candles. I love their versatility throughout the seasons.

This year inspired by Pottery Barn vase fillers I found these extra large faux acorns (Kirklands) in bronze, gold and silver finishes and tiny pine cone ornaments and wire leaves (Dollar Store) complete this apothecary jar.

For the Magpie that I am.....A bag of glitter acorns that practically leaped off the shelf into my basket! 

 Of course they needed companion faux pumpkins and berries.

Because after all THEY were on SALE!

My rationale for these purchases:  Acorns and pumpkins transition from Fall into Thanksgiving, right?

Using Apothecary Jars and Hurricane lanterns in decorating is fun, considering they can hold any thing you might imagine.  They aren't just for candles anymore.

GO ahead turn your ideas into something wonderful!

Bee Creative,


Julierose said...

Oh what a really perfect idea for seasonal decorating--and I'll bet fun picking out all those nifty items to go inside! Hugs, Julierose

Susie Murray said...

Hello Julierose thanks for stopping by, hope you'll find the perfect seasonal items for your home decorating too! Happy Fall!