Monday, August 26, 2013

Somewhere to Sketch-Vacaville, CA

Hi Everyone!

I've recently joined a group of artists at blog called Some Where to Sketch hosted by Lynn Cohen and Ann Hyde.  Each month via Google Earth we are invited to sketch in a location chosen by Lynn or Ann.  During the month of August we have been sketching in Lynn's hometown of Vacaville, CA.

  I sketched and painted 418 Main Street. Of course I took artist license to the original street location.

418 Main Street Vacaville, CA 
Please come and join us!  If you aren't familiar with 
Google Earth, it is a wonderful FREE program that let's you type in a location and gives a great overview and street level view of any city in the world! It's pretty fab! This is a great way to explore other cities and sketch without leaving home!

Grab your pad and pencil and come out and play sketch us! Join in before the end of the month to sketch in Vacaville!

Happy Sketching! 

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Corrine at said...

Google earth is amazing isn't it. Love your sketch! Glad you joined, will be watching for what you create now. xox

Sketchbook Wandering said...

What a lovely sketch & fun activity! Maybe sometime when I'm more settled I'll join you all...