Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and joining me for a new series of posts on Inside The Studio.  Maybe a little bit of background will help prepare you for The Studio.

I say, PREPARE because what you will see in the coming weeks may be a bit disturbing to some. The studio is NOT a very NEAT or TIDY area,  it is a place where I go to be creative and yes, messy. MESSY...that's right, I have my most used supplies out which enables me to work intuitively, but it does cause a great deal of mess and a bit of chaotic look to the space (and for an occasional visitor).  So, close your eyes to the chaos if you can't bear an untidy space and just focus on the other creative interests; there are many and they all live in this room called Brees Mimi Design Studio.

Here's a little sneak preview Inside The the Studio:

BMDS is where I work play with paint

work out designs



collage and journal

And, Oh yeah, there WILL be plenty to see in this room that we will explore each week.  

So looking forward to sharing my creatively (and messy) space with you each week! Hope you will stop by often and join me for Inside The Studio.

Till then BEE Creative! 


Corrine at said...

Looks like my place. Except for one messy area I am quite neat at the moment but that can change at any time! Love the peeks...xox

Maria said...

Oh I love taking a nosy at other peoples work space so I'll be back to see more. Mine is usually messy most of the time but I make it a rule to clean up and organize after every project ready to start the next mess.