Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello Everyone! 

Here we are back in the studio again.  I apologize for falling off the blog-o-sphere last week with the studio post, just one of those weeks.

Well I’m back and ready to take you on another studio adventure …..this time we are venturing into the CLOSETS where there are semi-organizational skills at play. 

  That’s right, it might LOOK chaotic but believe me, there are LABELS!  Oh my, thanks to a Dymo labelmaker that is the coolest thing going….keeps me on track and able to FIND my stuff! 

A few years ago I took it upon myself to build shelves in the closets, note ladies: minimal skills required here thanks to the guys in Lowe’s that will make the big cuts of wood for you at a minimal price. Basically I measured the closet height and width and determined how many shelves I could get if I started with the large rubber tubs in the bottom of the closet. You can't see them but they are down below the canvas boxes. They contain large pieces of fabric and one is filled with fabric strips.  Crazy huh?  Also stored in the bottom of the closet are two sewing machines! 

 Taking into consideration the amount of projects to store, I found these cute canvasboxes and totes/baskets at Lowe’s.Love the canvas totes, they are so handy to pull out and put back! The heavy duty snaps allow a peek inside too! 

 The canvas boxes are great with lids to keep things neatly corralled and dust free. 

  I found these lovely graduated sizes of cardboard boxes at Tuesday Mornings to hold sewing projects.  The black and white checker pattern is really cute, right?

One of the best tips I know is to store sewing thread in a plastic Matchbox Car box! They are double-sided and clear enough to see the colored threads. Store your boxes on their sides to save space! You can find them HERE, they are now called Creative Options Thread Organizers.  

A variety of plastic shoe boxes also works well for storing threads and can be found at the Dollar Store. 

OK, let's venture over to the other side of the closet where the BEADS live! 
This is Bead-world. Don't ask. Another hobby.  The two gray storage units are actual found in the hardware section, used for nuts and bolts and whatnots in the realm of Hubby.  Mine are used for storing beads, all sorted by color and sizes. 

Recently I found these boxes at Hobby Lobby, called CraftMates Lockables, they stack and lock so beads can't escape. 

 And I found plastic bead storage with stacking jars at Joann's, they work great for smaller seed beads.
Trust me, there are beads in other places too, but for now, most of them live here.  The closet also has a filing cabinet which houses patterns.  There are bolts of fabric in here, and a collection of magazines and bags of stuffing and batting on the top shelf.  Yes, it is a mishmash of supplies just waiting their turn to come out and play! 

Please come back and join me as we continue to look around the studio, there's more to see....

Bee Creative


Sketchbook Wandering said...

It all looks so wonderful! Organization, it doesn't come easily to me, so I try to learn as much as I can. I think it's an art in itself & some of your arrangements look like works of art. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Corrine at said...

Nice storage the ones from Hobby Lobby. xox

Anonymous said...

WOW great organization,nice room.