Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Brees Mimi Design Studio! So happy you are joining me today as we take a peek into the room where I create.  

Remember last week the WARNING about the messiness and chaos that abides in my studio? Enter at your own risk!

There was tremendous temptation to clean up beforehand and admittedly I did tidy up (vacumned) a wee bit before my friend's visit, but it is still very messy indeed. Ok, I am going to stop apologizing for my messiness. 


As you enter the studio (aka spare bedroom) you will see in the far corner a little table known as "sewing world", to the left is "art cart", to the right is small rolling cart with scissors, glue, and sewing supplies.   I'll explain these sections in more detail in later posts, for now we will just see the perimeter spaces. 

To the right of "sewing world" is where you will find me in my favorite the "work table" where most of the creativeness goes on.

The Work Table at the moment is piled with hand painted pattern paper and journals I've been making. Oh there are the usual suspects that "live" in this area: paints, glues, brushes, etc. and the "bulletin boards" or as some people like to call them "idea or inspiration" boards. 

 To the right of the work table is a "drawer stack" housing more paint, spray, stencils, pencils, watercolor crayons and glitter.  The boxes stacked on top are gelli prints and stencils. The picnic basket underneath holds miscellaneous items such as a mini crock pot, applique iron, bubble wrap and paper towels, etc. Under the basket that holds up the whole shebang are two plastic bins, one filled with minky fabric (don't ask) and the other with old cross-stitch and craft magazines that belonged to my mother. 

The lime green double closet with hot pink trim is home to neatly organized projects in progress, knitting, cross-stitch, quilting, thread, large bins of fabric and watercolor supplies. The right side of the closet is "bead world". Also in that side of the closet is extra quilt batting,  projects to finish, and a filing cabinet with patterns. It is pretty organized in there.  

 Oh and there is a colorful bar chair holding a three tier mesh office filing system (LOL) that is primarily a place to "file" sketch books, journals and other various papers that haven't made their way into a bin (trash or otherwise). More "filing" in the basket underneath and in the blue cloth bin that is behind the door. 

On the opposite side of the room are a system of cabinets which hosts my picnic basket collection on top (all labeled, organized storage). There is a row of cabinets along the top, a full length storage unit at one end, a pegboard and work (lol) surface (mainly a catch-all) and cabinets below. It takes up the whole wall and I would like to say it is pretty well organized with paper supplies, embellishments, cutting machines, crafting supplies, stamps, collage materials, more watercolor brushes, palettes and paints. 

That's it for today, I'll let your imagination fill in the rest!  

Although I do feel a bit embarrassed to share the untidiness I know that you creative people out there KNOW and appreciate the realness of a working space. 

Next week we'll dive in a bit deeper (promise it will not be cleaned up or neater than it actually is). 

Till then....BEE Happy. BEE Creative!



Anne Payne said...

Your studio is so YOU!!! I adore the roman shades you made. And I see the initials of my smart & sweet grand nieces :) love you xoxo

Corrine at said...

Hmmm that studio looks vaguely familiar....piles of painted papers everywhere. My studio has a corner for a big pile but the rest is quite neat at the moment. Love your blinds and shades, so colorful as is some of the furniture. xox

Heather said...

I don't have painted paper, but I do have scraps of fabric everywhere! Thanks for the tour.

Maria said...

LOLL I've been wanting to do a similar post but am too embarrassed to show the world how messy I am. Thanks for showing us yours, it makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one.

Rhonda H said...

Love the bright colors!

Laila said...

Thanks for the tour. I think we're more or less all the same when it comes to the mess. To go with the flow means forgetting the mess one create during the process.
It's quite another question why I don't tidy up right after!?!