Thursday, May 16, 2013


HI Everyone!

Signs of Spring are everywhere!  Magnolia trees are blossoming in my son's neighborhood. I wanted to get a shot of the huge magnolia blossoms but they were too high up in the tree! I captured three stages of the blossom for you instead in the photo below.

When I walked inside the house I saw this magnolia blossom on the counter, of course it is now brown and fading but the colors caught my attention and I thought it would make a lovely sketch to add to my sketch journal.

Isn't the pink in the center lovely? 

Don't you just love the smell of Magnolia trees? I do! It is one of the scents I remember from childhood, like gardenias, honeysuckle and jasmine, roses and mimosa fragrances. Gosh, those smells take me back to a sweeter time. Isn't it funny how certain scents can zap you back in time? 

Oh, I have a scent trigger of Evening in Paris perfume that takes me back to my granny's house, to her bedroom and dressing table on a warm summer's day. 

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Evening in Paris

What scent brings back fond memories for you? Please share! 

Have a beautiful day!


Julierose said...

Hi Suzy--Lavender and cinnamon remind me of my Grand'mere. She always had lavender soaps and wore that scent; and she baked the most amazing cinnamon coffee cakes...just smelling that lavender and I can see her in her rocker by the window crocheting of an afternoon and sipping tea...ahhh how wonderful...hugs, Julierose

Juniper Goods said...

I love Magnolia's too, when I was a kid we had a tree in our front yard and we would pick those big flowers and bring them in the house. The entire house would smell so good. Then in the fall they make these beautiful cones with bright red seeds. I love all those other smells you mentioned too especially roses! But I always remember the smell of stu grass in the summer ah good times! Thanks for bringing me back :)

Anne Payne said...

Your area always has the loveliest scents! All those tropical flowers...can't wait to come back down but no idea when.

Do you have Granny's perfume bottle? I always LOVED to get a dab of that Evening in Paris when I spent the night with her :)