Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Notebook & Journals Oh My!

Hi Everyone!

In the last few posts I have mentioned my love affair with notebooks and journals and today I've gathered up a few to share with you. 

Last week I talked about the little green spiral notebooks that I used for classroom notes and how they eventually turned into samples books along the way. 
Class notebooks
Does anyone else love three ring binders??  
3 Ring Binder Organization
Three ring binders with clear page protectors keep everything organized! And yes, I also use tab dividers for each subject (just like school days). My favorite is the binder with the printed pattern paper (actually gift wrap), it stores my ideas on decorating, color charts, business ideas, etc. The Collage binder holds papers for photocopying only and Paper Arts hold ideas for making cards, samples, diagrams and page layouts.

Travel Journals
Travel Journals make me SO happy! Several journeys are recorded in each book, with notes and drawings and lots of memorabilia! It beats carrying a boat-load of brochures and tidbits back home! You can scrap/smash your daily finds into one small book and never have to worry your baggage will be overweight again! 
Journals and Sketchbooks
I use large size spiral bound sketch books for mixed media work and keep a mini Sketch pad in the car and in my purse.  The Moleskine Journal (black)is my newest journal, I love it! See the two water colored note books? The orange and bright pink is made from watercolor paper, folded into a portfolio style and the pages inside are made from water color paper too! You can see Teesha Moore making this incredible 16 page journal here! The light pink notebook is made with 300lb watercolor paper for the cover and the inside papers are 140 cold press. I hand sewed the watercolor signatures into this book. My first hand sewn journal; I'm still working that process out. 

Happy Collection of Journals and Notebooks
Some of my favorite notebooks are the simplest to make! Check out this cute book on YouTube!  Easy and simple ideas are on YouTube. Go there and be amazed at the possibilities! 

Be sure to check back on Thursday to have a peek into some of these! 

Happy Journaling!


Patricia said...

When I had my quilt shop 3 ring binders were invaluable for class lists, orders etc. Still using them to organize things.

Anne Payne said...

WOW! You are the journal queen :) they are all gorgeous, of course! I need to make more of these and fill them up with writing and notes and ideas....

Valerie Sjodin said...

Thanks for sharing your journals Suzy. Your post makes me feel I'm in good company! Hugs!