Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clouds of White Butterflies

Hi Everyone!

    The saw the most amazing thing today as I was driving home from the island!  Coming over the Causeway I was admiring the beauty of the day, white puffy clouds in an intense blue sky, the breeze gently blowing the palms, the inlet waters were several shades of blue, dazzling sunlight. 
Veined White Butterfly

    Just as I came to a stop at the traffic light there was a sudden swarm of white butterflies crossing the lanes of traffic.  It was a huge swarm...I've never seen anything like it, delicate white wings fluttering and swooping, weaving this way and that.  I wondered if anyone else notice this phenomenon.  All the way home I notice there were white butterflies everywhere I looked, fluttering here and there. It was the strangest thing, yet one of the most beautiful amazing moments. As soon as I got in the door, I ran for the studio to try and capture the moment in my journal. 

A large group of butterflies is called a lek, swarm, rabble
     How would I depict the swarm of butterflies? Embossing came to mind. I used embossing powder to stamp the butterfly shapes, gesso to fill in the outlines and added a bit of Dazzle to give the body dimension. Cerulean Blue seemed to be the perfect color of the day and would help the white butterflies stand out on the background, watercolor also seemed like the perfect solution for media. 
     Kinda wish I had planned the journaling to meander through the butterflies but that thought didn't occur to me until later in the process.  Well, maybe next time. 

     Keeping your eyes open, look for the unexpected and be prepared to capture the moment! Have fun!

Happy Journaling! 


Heather said...

Lovely journaling Suzy and I can just picture all the butterflies.

Zue said...

What a wonderful natural event!
You have captured it beautifully!
I think they get blown over by strong winds, but so many......?

karelina917 said...

Very cool!!! I think you captured it just right in your art. Nice! :)

Linda said...

Wow, I never knew there was such a thing as a white butterfly. I would have loved to see that. I love the way you came and captured what you saw in your journal. Great job. Linda E.