Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi Everyone!

When my children were little I read them a book about colors that had a character called Mr. Paint Pig. Oh how they loved this book and the colors! 
I can't remember the name of the book now but I was reminded of it when I started looking through a painted journal I found while making an attempt to clean up and clear some space around my work table. It's another journal made from a Composition Notebook.

The first journal featured scrapbook papers altered with paint, stamping, inks, etc. you can see it here.  I used a Composition Notebook again, this time I glued about 4-5 sheets of the lined paper together to create a heavier page and applied acrylic paints directly to the lined pages. 

The purpose of this journal was to use different paint color combinations and see what happened.

Using an old credit card to lay the paints on top of one another was fun too. If the colors weren't working, a smear of gesso helped me to go in another direction. 

I actually like the pages that gesso was added on better than some of the others.

Sometimes I get so excited about color and embellishing that I forget to leave a space to journal any thoughts.  This method of painting directly over the lined pages worked great, you can still see some of the lines (not that you need to write on the lines). I like the way that looks. 

Blue + Yellow=Green
Pulling out the Dylusion Spray Inks for a bit of fun spray and play:

Spray inks with Acrylics

Here's a few pages actually journaled on and added embellishments to:

I cut the Easter Eggs from a cellophane wrapper and glued to the page.

Art project with Bree

Hope you enjoyed my little paint project! Pull out your paints and start your own Paint Journal! 

Most of all, have fun doing it! 
Bee Creative!

Uh, just Googled it: Richard Scarry's COLOR BOOK (Mr. Paint Pig)


Heather said...

Love your journal, looks great with the writing and embellishments.

Linda said...

Another terrific journal idea. I'm not sure why, but the composition notebook seems less intimidating to me than to use an actual wc or multi media journal. Thanks for sharing your ideas and projects. Linda E.

Fishcake_random said...

I have that book! I picked it up in my local free bookshop not so long ago.
DD liked it but wasn't over thrilled with it.
Would you like me to pass it along for a nostalgia trip?
x x

Suzy said...

Aww, thanks for the comment love today!

@Linda, I agree, throwing paint into a composition notebook is less intimidating!

@Fishcake, thank you for the offer of the book. I'll email you. You are so sweet to offer.

Pavinee s said...

These pages are beautiful! Love all the colors and I can tell you had fun with the experiment :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll come back to see more of your colorful life :)

Faye said...

Suzy, what fun! Amazing results on your lined journal. My journals have lines too. I didn't think of gesso-ing over the lines. Love all the wonderful combinations of colors.

Sketchbook Wandering said...

Hi Suzy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance & I'm so happy seeing your creative joyful colors flowing here! Coincidentally, I just spent a few hours making notes from a book called Journal It! which has many creative inspirations. I tend to do the same formatting & style, so that book & seeing your pages is inspiring me. PS So glad you also love May Day & the dance. Our Lily of the V's are just beginning to blossom! Warmly, Rita

Patty Radish said...

Hi Suzy,
Those Easter eggs are super cute! I totally know what you mean by forgetting to leave room to journal, I do it all the time!