Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Lately I’ve been reading many blogs on art journaling, drawing and sketching and I got caught up in one that I love, Tammy Garcia’s Daisy Yellow blog. Tammy's hosting a challenge for all you art lovers out there called Index Card A Day (ICAD). The idea is to use an index card and doodle, paint, draw, collage or whatever your little artistic heart enjoys. One card a day for the month of June and July. I think I want to try this out! It sounds simple enough, Tammy will provide optional prompts and that might be fun too! You can read more about ICAD here!

Tammy is one of the most generous artist when it comes to sharing ideas, free tutorials and art classes. I love that about her blog, it is ALWAYS a fun and interesting place to go!

Looking forward to sharing my Index Card A Day art with you in future posts. Maybe you’d like to join the group? Just click on ICAD here or on the button over on the left! The more the merrier!

Another challenge I’ve been longing to join is EveryDayMatters because I’ve recently fallen in love with Danny Gregory’s work! Go check him out: After finding Danny’s blog I have really come to enjoy his style of journaling. He has inspired me to begin drawing, sketching and painting again. I want to take the challenge of drawing every day and yes, I will use the daily prompts. Please take a moment to go over and visit Danny and check out his incredible travel journals!

Start watching for my ICAD and EDM posts beginning next month. I hope you will be inspired to join one of these groups or just start sketching and working in your art journals! Don’t have an art journal?!? WHAT??? Go GET a sketch book and start today!! You can call it a sketch book, notebook or journal or nothing at all….just start today.

Happy Doodles!


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