Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pink Journal Peek

Hi Everyone!

This post is for my sister Anne, who said she would like to see what was in the Orange and Pink Portfolio and the Pink “stitched” journal.  Well, sister I’d love to show you the Portfolio style journal but there isn’t anything in there yet!  Teesha Moore has an excellent How To video on YouTube, just click on the RED link if you would like to see how I made this journal like Teesha’s (minus the collage art).
Pink & Orange Portfolio Style Journal
Okay, here’s a peek inside the Pink journal.

Front Cover
 The cover is made from 300gm weight water color paper (140 lb. inside) which is VERY sturdy.  I sopped up a bit of water color paint and some acrylics from another project.  
A band of water color paper circles around the front and back. 
Obviously, it still needs a little something, something to finish off the banded label. 

Art Statement
On the cover page I put one of my artist statements/disclaimers: Art has many forms. It may look REAL different from Yours. That's why it is called Art.
First Page Jitters
The first page of a new journal always gives me pause.  I don’t know what to put there really, so I just goofed around with some water colors and ink.  Eventually I came back to the page and finished up with some journaling about my page angst and now I actually like it (somewhat).
The Eyes Have It

I was visiting the other day and Jenny had a great idea for covering her work surface (mine is usually covered with brown kraft paper) with water color paper and wiping her brushes and excess paints on it, she later uses it in other art projects.  I mention this because I did put w/c paper on my work surface, pretty soon my paints were out and I was doodling on the paper with paint. Came up with a lovely piece that could be an "eye" (or flower center) and decided to add a version of the “eye” in my journal.
A Rose is a Rose
I saw my neighbor's climbing roses blooming on the fence the other day and this page was born! It's all ready for journaling or more drawing.
Rose page ready for journaling
Played around with some of the grands watercolor pens spritzed with water to spread them across the page.

New Colors
My granddaughters, Brianne and Lyla, love to paint, so I'm always looking for new colors to add to the palette.  Alisa Burke’s lovely palette of colors and delightful style really inspires me. I know, really? Me? Soft Colors? What!) I picked up some last week.  This is a bit more intense than I wanted it to be, I'm trying to lighten up but the colors kept calling to be darker. I love the pen and ink bottle stamp picked up at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks. 

What inspires your journal pages?

Happy Coloring! 


Anne Payne said...

Oh. my. These are spectacular!!! I want one :)

I haven't felt much like paper crafting this last year and my stuff is in boxes because I don't have room to leave it out, which in turn is aggravating and discouraging to have to dig through it all when I want to make something. So right now, until I get a room, it stays packed up.

Suzy said...

Thank you Anne! I'm so glad you like the Pink Journal. Maybe you might get one in the mail some day. Hope you will soon feel like crafting again, I know it's been a tough year. Maybe you might be interested in the Index Card Challenge...I'll be posting about this soon! xoxoxo

Christine said...

lovely pages!

Beth Morey said...

Wow wow wow! Love the colors and sense of texture! Book making is one thing that I haven't tried...I find it completely daunting. Happy PPF!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pink journal!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

miriam miller said...

love love your journal, thanks for showing so much!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful pages, thanks for sharing! Valerie

Netty said...

terrific pages. Happy PPF, Annette x

Corrine at said...

Fab happy and colorful pages, who wouldn't love this! Happy PPF

Giggles said...

Beautiful the color combinations!! Well done!

Hugs Giggles

Linda said...

what a gorgeous project! love the sentiment and all the wonderful colors inside!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

A great peek inside your book... but I am having trouble imagining you working in soft colours after seeing all that vibrancy... looking forward to seeing it though...xx said...

Wonderfully colourful journal pages. I love the stitch detail:)

Nic McLean said...

So much wonderfully vibrant colours and detail - love your journal!

Dawn said...

Your pages are GORGEOUS!! I'm only beginning to dabble in art excited about the possibilities!

Jenna LaFevor said...

Adorable little journal! Love all the colors! Beautiful! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof