Thursday, July 20, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Please join me for the reveal of Index Card A Day (ICAD) 30 Days in April.  This is the third  ICAD challenge I've completed in the last several years.  My first challenge was with Daisy Yellow's 60 Day Challenge!  Sixty days was a bit ambitious for a first timer so I scaled it back to 30 days as a personal challenge each year. Thirty days once a year works as a great starting point for the new year or whenever I feel I need a kick start in creativity.  If you've never heard of an ICAD challenge, please go over to Daisy Yellow Blog to see how this challenge works.  It's so much fun!

Meanwhile join me for the weekly reveal of my personal challenge on Thursdays. Just click on the side bar 30 Days in April ICAD and you'll see what I created each day and a glimpse into the "how" I made each card and the thought process behind it.  Enjoy!

I'd love to hear if you are interested in this process...please leave a comment so I know you've stopped by.  Have a great week!

Bee Creative,


Anne Payne said...

I love this idea! I went over and looked at Daisy's blog. I might just challenge myself to do this for the rest of month. I could use a relaxing and non-stressful art time. It's been too hectic lately!
xoxo sister dear!!!

Suzy said...

Daisey Yellow has great inspiration, so happy you are going to try your hand at the challenge. It's lots of fun. I want to see your cards when you are done! Xoxo


Beautiful art.
Your colors are so vibrant I think I could pick the veggies up and eat them
They jump right off the page