Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Yarn Tale

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I was perusing my favorite online site for knitting patterns and looking for knitting stores in my area.  My neighbor who is visiting from PA and I thought we would take a ride up to the next county where there was supposed to be a yarn store, unfortunately, after 35 minutes driving up the busiest road with some fairly crazy drivers we found the store closed. OUT OF BUSINESS (apparently for some time since another business had taken its place).  We were both very disappointed that the information was neither updated on the knitting site nor on GOOGLE Maps. Just goes to show, perhaps we should have called before making the trip.  But do not fear, for we did find a new vintage/junk store which provided us with entertainment for several hours and the Back up Plan B, included lunch. It was all good.

So back to my tale of the knitting store....later on the knitting site again I found a contact person and sent a note asking if the group that met at the yarn store still met, I received a prompt reply that a group met during the day.  Unfortunately, I'm still working and not able to meet up in the day, but after a few emails back and forth we decided to meet in the evening and she offered to contact some of the other ladies in the group and post our evening group online. Well, I am happy to report that we have a nice group of knitters meeting once a week at a local restaurant/coffee shop.

This was my first time "knitting in public" (other than a hospital room or lobby) and I was a bit concerned about chatting and knitting at the same time which apparently is a common issue among knitters, especially if you are working on anything that requires concentration (pattern or stitch changes).  Currently I've been working on a knit a long (KAL) sweater project and at a point in the pattern where there was going to be a significant change, concentration was required so the sweater wasn't a good candidate to take along to knitting group.  My Go To project (in between knitting projects) are baby hats (knitted for local hospitals). With knitting group in mind,  I started the ribbing on the baby hat so during the group meeting all I needed to do was basically stockinette stitch and some decreases to finish the hat that night.

Baby Hat for Hospital
 After knitting half a dozen baby hats in the last two weeks, I pretty much am burned out on them and looking for something else "fun & easy" to do in group knitting.  Dish cloths are fun and easy knitting and Michael's had a sale on Sugar & Cream cotton yarn yesterday!  I started my first dish cloth after watching this video from VeryPink Knits on You Tube last night.  Look out! I might be hooked on knitting dish cloths now.

My First Knitted Dish Cloth WiP
Simple and easy and fun to knit!  The dish cloth is another good Go To between projects.  Dish cloths are re-usable and an Eco-friendly alternative to sponges and paper towels and really, who can have enough dish cloths???  Look at those ridges, perfect for scrubbing things! Give it a go and see if you don't agree and actually enjoy the process.

Bee Creative!


Jeanna said...

There is a very nice yarn store in Vero, The Knitty Gritty. I go there when I visit my Mom who lives pretty close to the store. I also found one in Jupiter but didn't really think they offered very much. The Knitty Gritty is well worth the drive.

Your little hat is cute with the flower on it.

I'm hoping to join you on Thursday night...it will be nice to finally meet you after all these years in the blogging world :)


Sounds like a great outing to me.
So good to have friends close by to
share our common creative passions
with. Brings back happy memories of
all the creative works you have taught
to me that we have shared over
many years. 😘

Anne Payne said...

I'm glad your trip turned out to be fun despite the store being closed. Good junk shops are always a treasure to find.

Love the baby cap! Knitting is not my forte' but I appreciate the time involved in such a lovely form of artwork. Now, your baby sister has a birthday coming up and you have plenty of notice and time to make (and don't forget to SEND) her some dishcloths!!! :-)

I love you!!! xoxo

Suzy said...

Jeanna , I definitely see a Road Trip to Vero in the future! Looking forward to meeting you !

Suzy said...

Bonnie, it's great to have a new group of friends that enjoy the same hobby. You need to get down here for a visit soon!

Suzy said...

Anne, look for your dishcloths in the mail shortly! xoxo