Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Veggie Tale

BreesMimi Design Studio (BMDS)

Hi Everyone!

It's hard for me to remember a time when I didn't eat veggies, even when I was little there wasn't much in the veggie department I wouldn't eat.  But when my husband and I met some forty plus years ago, he wasn't a fan of vegetables, in fact the only veggies he ate were corn, tomatoes and onions.   He told me the story about how much he disliked peas and how he put them down the heat register in the floor to hide them!  Many years later his father discovered the dry, hard peas when he investigated a strange rattling sound..... coming from the heat register.  We still laugh about that one.
Watercolor sketching veggies

SO how did I get him to willingly eat veggies?!?  The answer was to smother the vegetables in cheese sauce.  Yep, I lured  umm, introduce him to veggies smothered with cheese and gradually weaned him from the sauce. He's a big veggie lover now, with the exception of beets.  Okay, I can live with that, because I Do have one vegetable I won't eat. Brussel sprouts.  Ewww! Gag. Enough said.

But why all this talk about veggies?

 I've been painting veggies for an online class with on of my favorite artist, Tracy Fletcher King.  Having fun with the sketching and water color.
Finished watercolor of fruit & veggies.
Here's a few of my favorite veggies/fruits, in case you can't make out what they are: eggplant, pears, apples, carrot and zucchini. 

Sometimes a process will inspire other things like the Index Cards below.

Hope you find some delicious inspiration today!  

Bee Creative,


Jeanna said...

You are an amazing artist, Suzy. Those are some really pretty veggies. I love brussels sprouts but do not like beets...isn't that funny!

Anne Payne said...

You and me both, sister!!! I despise Brussel Sprouts. I do remember you eating my sweet potatoes when daddy wasn't looking. Than you for that! I love them now, though. :-)

As always, your art is fabuloso! I have a couple of small spaces on my kitchen wall they would look good in. ;-)

Susie Murray said...

Thanks Jeanna!

Susie Murray said...

Anne, I don't remember eating your sweet potatoes but I do love them. Thank you for always loving my art and being my cheerleader! Love you 2.