Index Card A Day (ICAD) is a personal challenge to create one index card a day for 30 days during the month of April.  If you are interested in a great personal challenge please check out Daisy Yellow blog for ideas on how to get started making your own cards and in the process learning about your personal style of art.

So come along on my journey and see what I've done this year. Each week more index cards will be added.


Day 8:  Hippity Hop

A little hippity hopping down the bunny trail. I was decorating for Easter with my bunnies and crosses.  Watercolor, ink and paper flowers.

Day 9: Hosanna

Blessed is he who comes in the name of  the Lord.  Inspired by Palm Sunday in the park.  Watercolor, pen & ink.

Day 10:  Growth

The little Misses were over visiting and they picked "flowers" for Mimi, which I stuck in a vase and they began to grow.

Day 11:  TO DO 

Is it just me or does it seem like every time you are ready to take off a few days, the work load triples???  Feeling the stress this day to get everything wrapped up before taking time off.
I used washi tape to create background and a sticky note to write my thoughts, embellished with stick on push pins!

Day 12:  Life is Good

Whoo hoo!  Time off to enjoy the simple things of life.  Stamped circle background, Stapled a hand painted tab on top embellished with washi tape.

Day 13:  A Servant's Heart

 A dirty task normally reserved for the servants of a household.  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  He had a true servant's heart.

Day 14:  Good Friday

The curtain was torn.  Watercolor, pen & Ink.


Day 1:  Conch Shell. 

 Inspired by our new living room color and artwork.  We went from a golden cor on the walls to a beautiful aqua called Vintage Map.  The color really changed the room from dark and drab to light and cheerful

Pen & Ink, Watercolor.
Day 2: Something Fishy

Inspiration is everywhere! A coloring book style note card gave me this idea.  Pen & Ink, watercolor.
Day 3: Hard As Nails

Some days are hard and this was one of them.
Pen & ink with watercolor.
Day 4: Trinity

Father, Son & Holy Spirit all represented in this necklace of threes.
Water color, pen and ink.

                Day 5: Tag Sale

Some people love a Tag, Yard or Garage Sale.  This card was created with washi tape for the background and a tag cut from a manila folder.  I layered acrylic paint on with a credit card, let it dry and stamped the hearts and $$$ signs.

           Day 6:  Southern Charm

What is more charming than a candy pink blossom? These remind me of the camellias so popular in southern gardens.

          Day 7:  Blob Flowers

 I call these blob flowers because the method used is to place pigment on the brush and then blob it on the card in a random fashion.  After first layer was dried the next layer of color was added to the flowers and background.

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