Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Just the other day a lady came into our office and presented us with a daffodil plant to remind us that Spring was coming.  The plant had multiple buds ready to pop out, it took a day and they began to open to the most beautiful yellow daffodils.  Daffodils always remind me of spring!  Today when I walked into the office the entire plant was covered with flowers! What a delightful reminder of Spring.  

In order to complete some looming project deadlines I had to take a little unexpected blog break the last two weeks.  Most of my deadlines were self imposed ones, but they were things that needed to be done and having procrastinated put me in a time crunch. Sounds so important doesn't it? LOL!  

Our Pastor and his wife are expecting their first baby soon and we were having a baby shower for them and my gift wasn't completed.  So I put the petal to the metal  er, the knitting needles into full warp speed to finish this darling nap sack and cap in a soft spring green baby yarn.

Lil' Sweet Pea 
Isn't it sweet?  There are lots of patterns for baby nap sacks on Pinterest and Raverlry.  Several patterns inspired me to take the parts I liked and improvise and embellish on their ideas.  Wee Leafy Baby Set (a free pattern) on Raverlry was the inspiration for my baby cap and The Accordian Sleep Sack  came from HERE inspiring the drawstring closure on my sack. The Accordian Sleep Sack had a knitted picot edging which I chose to simply replace with ribbing (as we don't know the sex of the baby yet) and I opted out on the Accordian style and went with a simpler straight forward knitting (stockinette) in the round for the sack.  This produced a solid background that would allow the crocheted vine and leaves to stand out.  The pattern for the leaves was from Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson.  

My daughter is expecting her second baby in August and she loved this baby sack, she wants one but wants to wait until the "reveal" and then she'll let me know what pattern she has in mind. LOL!  I have a feeling she'll keep me busy knitting baby items for the next several months.  

Of course, I'll share them with you! 

Happy Spring!


Anne Payne said...

That is such a sweet nap sack!
Let's Skype soon, xoxo

Linda said...

I love this set. It's beautiful, and, especially, the color green you chose. Perfect for Spring and baby colors. Great job.....Linda E.