Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sketching On The Porch

Hello Everyone!  

Here in Florida where I live, we generally think of January and February as the winter months, and March is Spring weather.  The way the weather patterns are going this year, I'm not quite sure what to expect.  The folks up north are REALLY ready for SPRING!  I hope it comes soon for you. 

Here are a few sketches made on my friend's back porch, it was a good day painting. I love the way a sketch and some watercolor can bring back memories, sights and sounds.  My dear friend had just lost her mother to Alzheimer's, we sat on her porch while we reminisced and tried to capture the essence of red roses from the memorial service.

 It was a quiet, sunny morning, we sat drawing and painting and looking at family photos. I love old photos and she had plenty of stories to tell about her mother and father.  It was great to see the styles of the day and see places I recognized from my childhood too! 

       A mother bird with her babies. 

The Coral Cactus was extremely hard to capture with its twists and turns and funky colors! But even so, this is one of my favorite sketches, wonky pot included. 

Last month  I shared with you two of my sketchbooks, one new sketchbook and a revamped sketchbook. Wish I could tell you that I've been sketching everyday in them but alas, it is sporadic sketching at best. Still it is my goal to get into the habit of sketching daily....

Working on that.  How about you?  Get out your sketchbooks and get busy!! I will..... if you will. Check back with you soon. 

Happy Sketching!

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