Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On My Heart

Hi Everyone!

It's Heart Strings Tuesday where I share something close to my heart, mainly the little ones that tug on it.  You know what I'm talking about if you have children or grands...they tug on your apron strings and then your heart strings, they are never too old to tug on your heart.  

My little grands are growing fast and changing right before my very eyes. We are blessed to have our two little girls, Sunshine and Lollipop living close by and we see each other every week.  My darling grandson, whom we affectionately nicknamed Calvin Houdini lives in Michigan. We Skype each week and keep up with his antics on FB.  Little Calvin H. will turn two in a few weeks! I can't hardly believe he will be two, and the girls will be 4 and 6 this summer and CH mommy is expecting a baby in August. These are my HEARTSTRINGS! 

The page above from my art journal is to commemorate the fun Sunshine, Lollipops and I had when we made Valentines last month.  The project was a valentine heart made from paper strips and cut out and pasted to a card for their parents.  We also punched hearts from scrapbook paper and added stickers to decorate the cards.  These are left over scraps from that craft project I've glued into my journal and then added a little border and some paint to gussy up the page.  Each time I look at this page I remember the special time we spent together laughing and having fun.  A priceless memory. 

My Granny used to tell me when our children were young that " they might be tugging on your apron strings now, but soon  they will be tugging on your heartstrings".  Enjoy your little ones while they are small, be kind, be patient, be loving....they are only small for a short period of time.  
And it is true....they never grow too old to be on your heart.

Love and Hugs,

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