Friday, March 6, 2015


Hello Everyone!

Each day I watch the Weather Channel and check out the local forecast before heading out to work.  The weather in the North is still in deep freeze mode and it looks like Spring might be another six weeks or so for these folk.  We're starting to warm up here, with the weather in the high seventies and low eighties, everything is green but then it is always so in So. FL.  Always green, something we take for granted here, the flowers are always blooming and everything is green year-round.  Quite the contrast to our Northern friends.

Looking back to last Spring when my daughter and grandson were visiting....we had such warm weather

                                     for walks along the river

                                     for picnics in the park,

for walking on the River Walk under the bridge,

                           for a stop at a cute cafe on the river and

                            for a lunch downtown at an outdoor cafe.

Here's a foretaste of warmer weather in our neighborhood: 

A few weeks ago, walking through the neighborhood this is what I saw in bloom....

                                    my neighbor's climbing roses

                            orange trees in bloom (heavenly smell)

                                      the ever blooming hibiscus

                                                lemon trees


It seems that Spring is in the air here in So. Florida.  We'll enjoy the Spring-like weather and in another month, about the time everyone else will be thawing out it will be time for air conditioning here.  I know, it's crazy isn't it?

I wish for our Northern friends a quick thaw and warmer weather!!! It's coming...just hang in there!  



Jeanna said...

We are blessed to live where we do.

We frequent both of those cafes...great food!

Anne Payne said...

I remember visiting, walking all through your neighborhood and loving the sight of the flora and fauna that is native in your area. Oh, to be there now and enjoy them again!