Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! Moving closer to my home we're visiting another one of my favorite parks where I go to sketch and paint.  I take my sketch pad and practice the roof angles on the boathouse, or the window shapes and roof shingles or the intricate patterns of the palm trees.

 This tiny park is well hidden within the neighborhood and I love to go here on a lazy afternoon and watch the boats going in and out and try to capture the little boathouse across the creek. This painting was done before the hurricanes came and blew away the shaker shingles on the boathouse.

There isn't anything to do at this park other than enjoy the water view and the tropical plants and trees, but that's ok with me. It is very peaceful here, usually a nice afternoon breeze and shady places to sit and draw or paint. I call this place the Secret Cove.

Here I am writing about the new roof on the boathouse, the old shaker shingled roof has been replaced with a shiny new aluminum roof. Doesn't have the character of the old roof but it looks pretty good.

 I take my paints and a little folding chair, kick back under the mango trees and enjoy the afternoon sketching or painting.

Thanks for taking a walk in the park with me again today.  I hope you will come back next week when we will be even closer to my back yard.  Come join me! Until then keep your pencils sharp and your paint brushes loaded with color and ready for the next adventure.

Happy Painting and Sketching!


Heather said...

Nice work and beautiful colours.

Dawn said...

Fab watercolour sketches, lol I wish I was braver, I love playing with them too.
Hugs x

Corrine at said...

Oh I'd like to hang out there for a while, lovely. xox