Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hi Everyone! 

Some days I like to doodle and stamp random designs on my journal pages.  I dabble with watercolors in different color combinations and often the results sparks more creative activities, like the one below I used to make a birthday card.  

 I used book text to create a twisted stem and a leaf on the flower below.

 Another flower made with book text for the center of a hand drawn flower. 
 Gluing punched circles onto the page with a few squares and then some doodling.
 See how the design doodles above morphed into another design which in turn was used on a greeting card. 

 I jot down ideas to the side of the designs for future consideration. 

How do you process your ideas for different projects? Do you keep a journal or sketchbook to record them?  

Busy Bee-ing Creative!


Three Sheep Studio said...

I adore all of your doodles of flowers. I keep a book of all kinds of inspiration for designs...
rug hooking, punch needle, embroidery. I try to always keep a pencil and paper with me, even at bedside...so when an idea pops into my head, I won't forget it.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Nice ideas, I don't keep records at all but probably should, these are great, love the twisted type stem and the stitched effects.....xox

Jeanna said...

Such cute flowers Suzy!

Dawn said...

Fab doodling Suzy, I'm loving the vibrant colours too. Lol I have a few different journals on the go, all different sizes and no real theme to any of them. I chop and change depending on how large a spread I fancy playing with. I really should keep an ideas book, so many float around and in and out of my head tee hee.
Hugs x