Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Travel Series "Down Memory Lane".

Hi Everyone!

It’s Travel Thursday again! Who’s ready to come along?  Today we’ll be taking a different path than usual, but don’t worry, I know the way having tripped down this lane often.  Curious as to where we might be going today? The good news is No Passport Needed! We'll be tripping down Memory Lane! 

We're keeping it LOCAL during this mini Travel Series.  Over the next several weeks I'll be walking you though a series of places: The Neighborhood; A Morning in the Park with Friends; My Own Backyard sketches and In The Studio.  

Ok, so let's see what's happening around The Neighborhood! 

Each morning I would get up and don my walking shoes and start down the road from my house, following mostly the same route everyday (creature of habit here).  Upon returning home I would sketch or draw or paint interesting things I saw along the way. 

I passed this gorgeous white picket fence each morning on my walk, the yellow Alamanda blossoms that cascade over the arbor and down the fence take my breath away. It is a lovely sight to see! This particular morning it is hot and humid and the bright golden yellow daisies catch my eye, as well the appropriately named Firecracker bushes exploding with their red-orange colored blooms. 

I hear a rat-ta-tat noise coming from the woodpecker rapping on the metal streetlight and wonder whether the bird realizes 1. that he's tapping on metal and 2. it is waking up the neighborhood at this early hour!  A bit later I'm walking along and spot a giant raccoon, he sees me too and we both freeze! Yikes. And my neighbor has a new pineapple growing on his plant! There's a small sign "please do not pick". 

This morning a little box turtle has crossed the busy street from his pond and is wandering on the black top of a church parking lot.  Poor little fellow seems a bit lost. 

The weather is turning cooler and the neighbors are decorating for fall with pumpkins and scarecrows.  The bushes are producing these luscious berries in deep plum and purple colors, and the turtles are huddling on the fountain in the middle of the pond warming themselves with early morning rays of the sun. 

Please join me each Thursday for a journey back in time through my journals. What do you see on your early morning walks? Do you take time to record these moments and how do you keep these memories? I'd love to know! 

Happy Travels!


Jeanna said...

I just love your journal and reading your stories. Looking forward to next week's travel :)

Anne Payne said...

You used softer colors! I love this :) xoxo