Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Walk In The Park 2

Hi Everyone!

WELCOME BACK. Are you ready for another Walk In The Park adventure? Last week we visited the Indian River Park and this week we are taking a trip to Shepard’s Park. The best place I know to be at sunset is on the little wooden boardwalk that meanders along the river. Several benches for watching the sunset. The setting sun is always a big attraction at this park. 

Located off a very busy main drag near a quiet neighborhood, Shepard Park offers one of the most scenic views along the St. Lucie River, a favorite painting spot of mine. With the many sailboats moored in the river and nearby there's always something interesting to paint. 

 You can see by my sketches, I've been drawing and painting here for many years. 

 There's a cool wooden boardwalk that runs around the riverside and lots of people go there to fish or watch the sunsets. 

 I love the little houses on the other side of the park too and often attempt to paint or draw them.

 This house has a wonderful screened in porch and a tin roof, I love trying to capture the old time look of this place. 

 And the pink building has always fascinated me with its unique architecture. Then there are the sailboats moored near by that totally captivate me. 

Pencil Sketch Pink Bldg.
Thanks for stopping by to take a stroll in the park today!  Next week is July 4th and I'll be on holiday.  Returning on July 11th with the third in the series of A Walk in the Park. I hope you will join me! 

Happy Painting & Sketching!

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Corrine at said...

I am ready to head out in those colorful sailboats and be on that gorgeous blue sea......great watercolors and sketches. xox