Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Project: DIY Card Box

Hi Everyone!

I'm back to share with you one of the wedding projects I made for my daughter Amanda's wedding! Unfortunately, I didn't think to take photos of the process (actually, that's probably a good thing...I'm rather messy and haphazard when crafting). 

At first I thought everything Amanda asked me to make would be easy-peasy! Not that they weren't easy, but as always I equate EASY with FAST, not time-consuming. She had definite ideas of what she wanted in design, style,colors and even some samples she had pinned to her Pinterest boards.  I of course, do not follow directions well <grin>, always need to make something my own...I don't know if that is the rebel in me or if it is the creativeness. Anyhoo, let's say I'm the queen of improvising on a theme.

My first project was the Card Box which actually is used to keep the guests cards in one place and safe during the wedding/reception.  I love the idea of it looking like a wedding cake! She wanted simple and it is, but with some extra bling-bling. LOL! I was inspired by the many beautiful handcrafted boxes being sold on the Internet, however the  cost of these lovely creations simply wasn't in our budget AND we knew it could be made by MOM <wink>. 
Card Box

So of course, off to the craft store I went for supplies:
  • set of nesting brown craft boxes (Joann's Fabrics)
  •  3/4" Cream & 1" Latte & 1/2" White Satin ribbon on rolls
  • white craft paper (Dollar Store)
  • Glue dots & Glue runner tape (Joann's)
  • Elmer's craft glue
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue (Joann's)
  • White Satin fabric for flower 
  • Almond Pearls and Clear Crystals (Hobby Lobby)
  • Clear crystal bling and pearls (on back of box)
You'll also need: 
  • ruler
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • foam brush or old credit/gift card
  • Hot glue gun
  • patience, lots of patience! 
I stacked the boxes from largest (bottom) to smallest (top), traced around the shapes on each box so I would know where to adhere them later. With an craft knife on the top box lid (only), I cut a one inch wide opening by length of box lid, leaving at least a one to one and a half inch space to each side. The other two box lid openings were cut one inch inside the marked lines on the two larger lids and bottom of the smallest box and middle box. Leave plenty of space for the card to make it into the largest box. There are several You-Tube videos that might be helpful in understanding this concept if you are having trouble visualizing it (wedding card boxes). 

The brown boxes were prepped with gesso (option:white craft or spray paint) so the brown wouldn't show through the white craft paper (it was pretty thin).  Next measure and cut the white craft paper for each box lid (you will cut the holes out later). Adhere thin layer of glue using an old credit/gift card or foam brush to spread the glue evenly. Wrap edges of box tucking excess paper under the lid or to the inside of the box (no one is going to see it).  To cut the box top holes into the craft paper imagine a straight line down the center of the opening (you can draw one too) and cut the line with craft knife leaving about 1" from the end of each short end. Next cut the corners diagonally, tuck everything in and glue to the inside, trim excess paper as needed.  

At this point I decided the white paper looked too plain so I embossed a swirly design in the middle of the boxes on all sides. Keep in mind that the ribbon will cover the bottom and the box top also would be covering a portion.   Be sure your embossing is dry before you go on.  Next, measure the bottom edges of the boxes and cut ribbon 1" longer to tuck under.  I used two methods to adhere ribbon to the boxes: glue tape runner on the base ribbon (sturdy hold) and tacky glue on the top ribbons. I also glued ribbon around the box lids, the end of the ribbons were tucked under and held in place with glue dots. I added a Pearl and Crystal bling to the back for embellishment. 

Hot glue boxes together, centering them in place over the holes previously cut.  I also glued the lids down to make the box secure (in case it toppled or someone wanted to peek inside). I printed the white card stock label (on computer using Word) with the bride and groom's name and wedding date; layered to larger card stock (latte) and used Glue Runner tape to adhere to front of the middle section of the box.  The white satin flower was made according to directions from Martha Stewart. You can get the directions here  I modified the flower to a smaller size for the card box, opting to hand sew the petals together and added centers made from pearls and clear crystals. I also used this pattern from MS to make the ring bearer pillow (below).  

Ring Bearer Pillow

Inspiration comes from everywhere!  I hope you will be inspired to try your hand at making your own wedding crafts. Have fun and make it your own !


Lorraine Dunnington said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm so glad I came over from the Sew many ways! I'm helping my son and his fiance with their wedding!

Highland Monkey's said...

I've also found out that easy doesn't mean quick! Great idea with the box and it looks so pretty. Thanks for taking the time to do a tutorial.

Suzy said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by to visit! Lorraine, congrats on the upcoming wedding and stay tuned, I have a few more DIY projects you might like.