Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Beautiful Wedding Day

Hello Everyone! 

It was a beautiful summer day when our daughter Amanda was married to her long-time love, Fabian.  The wedding was held at the historic Casa Marina Hotel on Jacksonville Beach. The Casa Marina is a charming hotel that was built in the early 1900's, it features a lovely courtyard that faces the ocean and is a very popular spot for weddings.
The Casa Marina at Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Our girl Amanda looked beautiful in her wedding gown, she glowed with happiness and true beauty both inside and out. I couldn't believe how calm the bride and bridesmaids were while getting their hair and makeup done, dressed and ready for the photographer. No Bridezillas in this wedding party! 

The Bride
Amanda and Fabian's daughter, Destiny getting ready for ceremony.

Everything was going as planned until right before the ceremony was to begin...being summer, at the beach and late afternoon, there was a brief rain shower!  My darling grand-daughter, Brianne was in the bridal suite looking out the window at the courtyard venue and trying to blow the clouds away! LOL!  
Here Comes The Bride 

Mr. and Mrs.

Down to the beach for photos! 

Bride and Flower Girl: Amanda and Brianne
Groom and Ring Bearer: Fabian and Nick

Bride Amanda with Flower Girl Brianne and Ring bearer Nick 

Bride and Groom with Flower Girl

Wedding Party 
Amanda's bouquet was cream roses with green cymbidium orchids wrapped in cream ribbon with pearl studs. I was so touched that Amanda wanted to carry her bouquet with her Mimi's jewelry attached as part of the "something old and borrowed". The gold rose pin and cameo belonged to my mother who passed away eleven years ago, she would have been so proud to see her "little weetie" Amanda getting married! 

L-R: Mother and Father of the Bride: Rich and Susie,  Mother and Father of the Groom:  Maria  and Mario .

Here she is dancing with her Dad to Nat/Natalie King Cole's Unforgettable.  When she was little her Dad would come home from work and pick her up and dance with her around the room to a song called "I danced with the dolly with the hole in her stocking."  Amanda gifted her Dad with a beautiful picture frame that holds a photo of them dancing Then and Now and says:" From dancing with the dolly with a hole in her stocking to dancing with you at my wedding. Our dances will always be unforgettable.  As unforgettable as you....I love you, Dad". 

Fabian dancing with his mother, Maria. 

It was an unforgettable evening at the Casa Marina for the Bride and Groom and their families and friends! 

Grand daughters: Lyla and Brianne

Amanda's brother Chris and his baby girl, Lyla.

Amanda and my BFF Bonnie share a moment before the wedding. 
Amanda and Chris the day before the wedding.

Mom and Dad with daughter Amanda the day before the wedding. 

Chris, Stephanie and Lyla at Rehearsal Dinner.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our family and the special day's events.  



Anne Payne said...

Awwww, this makes me tear up! I really wanted to be there! Sweet Amanda using Mimi's jewelry is just precious. I know Moma would have been so happy for her & Fabian. I hope someone took a picture of the memory page.
Thanks for sharing this special moment! ♥

Suzy said...

Thanks Anne, it was a beautiful day and I'm sorry you couldn't be there to celebrate with us too. Yes, it was so touching that she would carry her Mimi's jewelry on the FRONT of her bouquet in her memory.
I did take a picture of the memory page and I will send it to you.

Julie said...

Hey Suzy, Julie here from I Create Purty Thangs. Thanks for visiting my site. I chose this post to comment on because I wanted to see not only the face behind the blog, but the family too! You now have a new friend!

jill wilhelm said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love all of the things that you did and especially love the flower cones. So simple and pretty!

Kelley with an *E -Y* said...

Hi Suzy! So glad you stopped by my blog and invited me over to yours. I am a sucker for weddings and I love that you posted the pics of your daughter's. The sentiment on the gift she gave to her father made me teary - so sweet! I am your newest follower and look forward to your art journaling series!