Monday, March 7, 2016


Hello Out There!

It's me and I'm BACK!  Are ready for some FUN in March? A little March Madness???  A few years ago I participated in a 60 day Index Card a Day Challenge with Daisy Yellow.  Look at the Link over on the right side of this page and check it out.  Sixty days was a LONG time to do a challenge and to do it everyday was REALLY challenging as well as inspirational and super fun too. I love to do art challenges because it makes me DO something creative every day!  Also it continues to inspire me to create more art, larger pieces and sometimes a series of ideas comes out of it.  I love when a little piece sparks a larger piece and that sparks the imagination in other ways.  

So, I've set up this little 31 Days of March Challenge for myself to get back into the art everyday routine.  The best part about doing this on index cards (3x5) is that the small format isn't intimidating, its not time consuming either.  I like that.

I'll be posting my index cards on the page "31 In March (ICAD)" so please check it out each week during March.  Oh, and there will be other March Madness coming too. Hope to see you around and please leave me a comment when you stop by, I'd love to hear from you. 

Bee Happy! Bee Creative! 


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