Thursday, December 17, 2015

Traditions With A Twist

Hello Friends,

Christmas is rapidly approaching....Countdown has begun.  There's still cookie baking to be done here and presents to wrap.  How's your preparations coming along?  I'm putting finishing touches on the Mermaid Tail Blankets I've been knitting for Sunshine & Lollipop and I'll be sharing those with you after Christmas.

I promised to share more decorating with you......most of you know that I have no fireplace mantel to decorate (I live in Florida where it is currently 82 degrees in Mid-December) but I do have a baker's rack that gets the full treatment each season.

In addition to the Santa collection

I've added a new chalkboard greeting

A few of my favorite things

including a vintage angel and her reindeer buddy.

More Santas and a new addition of glass pedestals to hold  my jeweled fruit. 

Oh another crafty project I've been working on is the Coffee Filter and Cupcake liner Christmas tree.  This was inspired by Pinterest: see it HERE.  

 Of course I did my own spin on the original, adding pom-poms and painting my own design. 

I originally planned to use the tree on the baker's rack but it just didn't look right.  Less is more, right?  And looking at the BR it didn't need More! So, this year my cheery little tree will join the moss-filled hurricane lanterns on the dining table.  I think it fits in perfectly here, don't you?

Until next time,
Bee Creative!

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