Sunday, February 2, 2014

Journal 52 Week 3-Make Me Smile

Hi there!

Have you ever made a commitment to do something on a regular basis?  The Journal 52 commitment I made at the beginning of the year for a weekly journal art page has proven to me just how difficult it can be to keep a commitment.  But, I am persevering and working my way through the process of creating a piece of art each week in spite of the "voice" in my head that whispers and taunts me. It would be easy to quit, yes, so easy but I am having fun when I don't let the voice tell me differently.  

Each week we are given a prompt to inspire us to make art.  I like that, a prompt helps me to step out of the box, the "safe" zone.  

You know I am behind with the journal pages, as you can see this is for week 3 and it is actually week 5.   The fact of being behind could stop many people in their tracks, but for me it is just catch-up time. LOL!!! Week 3 Prompt was....Something that makes you smile.  That immediately brought my Grandchildren to mind.  They crack me up, they are truly funny little people! Then why is is late you ask?  Because it involved printing out photos...I know, poor excuse but that is it.   

Okay so here is what makes me smile!

  The grands make me smile!  They are such little characters, filled with joy and laughter!  I love them so much.  The hearts of course represent LOVE, the flowers remind me each child is created different and is unique in their own little ways.  I've drawn in the feathers to mimic the feather boa Brianne is wearing, flowers for Lyla to mimic the flowers in her blouse and bubbles for the youngest baby Jackson, along with Grandmother's Flower Garden stamped in to represent the possibility of more grandchildren to come.
This journal page was a joy to create.  I used the pink/red gelatos to represent passion and love.  Gelatos are easy to use, you might enjoy watching this You Tube video for 3 ways to use gelatos.  I created the background with gelatos, blending pink, red and purple together, adding a bit of yellow in the center, wiped with baby wipes to get a fresco look and drew the feathers in with red gelato.  The feathers seemed to blend in too much so I went over them with oil pastels and then melted them into the page with the heat gun to get a more vibrant look.  In the top left corner is a handmade layered paper flower made from cupcake liners and coffee filters (hand dyed) with 3 clear gems to represent my three Grandchildren. 

Hope you enjoyed this and join me again for Week 4 and Week 5 pages coming soon.

Happy Art Journal!


Anne Payne said...

I love it! I was looking for it in J52 but couldn't find it. Will go back and look in the album. xoxo

Linda said...

I can see why this makes youo smile-look at those darling little faces! I love the colors and composition of your page-happy!

Corrine at said...

I don't know how you could not be smiling all the time with those cuties around. Our grandkids are getting older now, and my son has not had any so I need to wait a while for the next go around....then I will be posting cutie pics too. xox