Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hi Everyone!

 RELEASE has many meanings for me, not only am I releasing the clutter outside but also the clutter within.  You know what I'm talking about, we all have our issues!  Time to let them go just like the clutter we hang onto in our homes....time to let go and bless others.  With THAT said, one of my favorite blogs is FLYLADY!  The ultimate blog about getting rid of the excess clutter in your life.  If you struggle with this, FLYLADY has great advise on how to get back on track.

I'm getting back on track now.....One Room At A Time. LOOK OUT!!!  Mom's on A Decluttering Mission!  Yes, January is a perfect time to start thinking about how much stuff has been accumulated and if it is really of importance in our lives.

 Ok, so I thought I'd start in the guest room where my daughter and grandson will be staying but it looks like they aren't coming right away so I've been given a reprieve! LOL!   Instead, I started in one of the smallest bathrooms, eewwah, I know! how glamorous is that? But my house is tiny and the bathrooms are of importance to me (and if you think about it, everyone has one and uses it on a frequent basis).  Over the toilet resides a cabinet that holds anything the medicine cabinet doesn't, and it was crammed packed!
Hubby has the bottom shelf and yes, the top one is mine, stuffed to the max!  I threw out boxes and expired medicine (yep) and half used bottles of hair product (mousse, gel and hairspray, oh my!) and moved other health care products to another cabinet under the sink.  Truthfully, I'm the pack rat.

SO now check out the cabinet! 
Uh huh, it looks pretty good doesn't it?!? That blue bag on my shelf is a travel bag and it has been recently removed.  Onward to the medicine chest and under the sink.  I was ruthless.  When I was done releasing the clutter from under the sink, medicine cabinet and above the toilet cabinet, my husband took out a 13 gallon size trash bag, it weight approximately 25 lbs!  Also, we will be donating a 3 lb. bag of hotel shampoos, hair products and soaps to our church for the needy in the area.  Releasing the clutter never felt better!

Please join me each week as I work my way through the house releasing the clutter and blessing others in need.



Anne Payne said...

Looks good! I need to do the same thing.

Corrine at said...

Wow, big difference....I was thinking the first photo looked pretty neat too. Getting rid of means less to clean up as well. I got to start tackling more of those projects. Thanks for the kick in the .....xox