Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! 

During the month of December I unintentionally fell off the blog-o-sphere I caught a super bad cold from the grands. Yup, right up until Christmas I was down and out, huddled under blankets  quilts and eating nothing more than soup for days on end. All plans were cancelled (missed our live nativity at church, Christmas caroling, all craft projects went on hold as well) and I just gave myself permission to be sick for once. Enough said! I'm back now feeling well enough to get this post out. 

I'm truly excited about the New Year! Don't you just love the idea of a fresh start and new beginnings? I do! The New Year holds such promises and hope for a brighter future. This year we are expecting our first grandson to be born in April and we'll be traveling to Texas for that blessed event. I look forward to spending time with my grand-daughters each week and of course working  two part-time jobs and continuing with church activities and more art challenges. 

There are quilts to be made for my grand-niece, a family friend and my new grand baby. I found the cutest pattern for baby bibs too, can't wait to sew a few of those up for the wee ones. Also found a cute pattern for a rag doll I want to make for my grand-daughters, they are really into playing with their dollies. The list of projects goes on and on. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! 

 Check out what Santa and his elves left on my doorstep yesterday! A Geli Plate. It's a fab printing plate for making your very own paper prints!  Seriously, if you love making art journal pages and like your own original design work you gotta get one of these babies! 
I could hardly wait to get the package open this morning and give it a go... It's so simple! There's going to be a whole lotta printmaking going on this weekend in my studio.  

I'll be posting more on Geli Plate printing soon! Stay tuned.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with promise and bright beginnings!  

Bee Creative! 

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Anne Payne said...

Maybe you could add making a quilt for your sister to the list? I know you're superwoman and can do it ;) Or you could just come up here and teach me!