Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heavy Heart

Hello there!
It is with a heavy heart I write this post about my precious niece Amy who went home to be with Jesus ten days ago.  She was a dear sweet little thing when she was born, I remember holding her for the very first time and thinking she was a special little girl. Amy was born a special needs baby, the doctors didn't expect her to live past the age of five, but she proved them all wrong.  God allowed Amy to live to be 28 years old and she touched the lives of all who knew her. We rejoice that Amy is with Jesus, that she is free at last from the challenges of this life and she is dancing in His Glory!  For those left behind, we are feeling the pain, sorrow and  grief of missing our loved one; we thank God for giving us Amy and we cling to His promise of eternal life in Jesus and and rest assured that we will see Amy again some day.
Please pray for comfort and peace for Amy's mother and father, sister and brothers.


Jill Elaine said...

Thinking of you and saying a prayer. Isn't it so wonderful that we have a God who sent His Son so we can have the hope of salvation and the promise of seeing out loved ones again!

Suzy said...

Thank you Jill for stopping by and for your prayers. Yes, it is indeed a blessing to have that assurance in Jesus!